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  1. CozyCat

    How to encourage bristlenose plecos to breed?

    Hi! I LOVE plecos, I think they are the coolest looking fish and I really want a massive 6ft tank full of them. But space is limited, so I have a pair of bristlenose plecos, Pip and Penny. Pip has a spectacular full head of bristles and Penny as a few stubby ones around the rim of her head, but...
  2. M

    Need advice about chloramines in my tap, Hypancistrus L260's!

    Hi all, So I recently picked up a group of 6 L260 plecos, but have some concerns about my tap water. -I know I have chloramines in my tap so I was wondering if anybody had experience with water changes and chloramines regarding hypancistrus. -I know prime "detoxifies/removes" chloramines, but...
  3. SAChichlidLover

    Anyone know any good medium sized pleco species?

    Hi everyone! Back with another question sorry, I'm looking at plecos, I wanted to get two or three for my 80gal as I love them to pieces and as I have added more driftwood and cave systems I was hoping to add more bottom dwelling catfish and plecos just seem to be the most sensible choice as I...
  4. Sophie

    1800L/475G - Clown Loaches, Loricariids & More!

    Well, what can I say - I'm finally satisfied with a tank. Current stocking: 13 Chromobotia macracanthus (Clown Loach) (more to come once others have grown on), 1 Mastacembelus erythrotaenia (Fire Eel) (about 25"), 16 Dawkinsia filamentosa (Filament Barbs), Loricariidae; Panaque suttonorum...
  5. AXsmasher

    Large 150cm * 150cm * 50cm tank (1125L) Stocking

    Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum so correct me if I have posted in the wrong place : ) thanks. I am setting up the above tank and it will be quite heavily planted (I am very experienced with planted tanks just not the fish). I would like a huge variety as my family would really like "Lots of...
  6. H

    Plecos In A 10 Gallon

    I currently have a ten gallon tank with three adult male guppies in it. I've had the tank set up with fish for about two months now and it is starting to grow a large amount of algae. I was wondering if adding a type of dwarf pleco would be a good idea. I've read that the smaller ones...
  7. FishLover1996

    I'm New At This And I Need Help!

    I have just started collecting fish as a hobby and I'm very new at this and have been running into a few issues. In my area there aren't very many places to buy fish. There is Walmart and there's a local pet shop. Walmart's conditions for their fish is awful but they do carry some pretty fish...
  8. JasonMichael

    Fish Breeding: Is This Setup Okay?

    Hey guys,   I've got a spare tank laying around and I was thinking of giving fish breeding ago. I've recently gotten into the L series of plecos which are just stunning, but I'm going to try and breed some Peppermints and normal Bristlenose first before getting into the breeding of the L series...
  9. Fishywishy333

    What Other Fish?

    Hi everyone, so I am going to try and upgrade my aquarium at Christmas time (I say try because I might not have the funds). Right now I have my 11 rummynose tetras, 1 guppy, 2 snails (can't remember species) and 5 amano shrimp in a 60 litre aquarium. I also wanted lots of live plants in the new...
  10. JellOh

    Stocking For A 60 Gallon

    I'm just wonder if this could work or not. - 60 gallon with a heater, filter and the whole shabang - 2 small(2") angelfish of undetermined sex - 1 small (2") clown pleco - 1 small (1.5") albino bristlenose pleco - 5/10+ *female* betta The things I'm worried about is (A) if the angelfish will...
  11. B

    Feeding Rusty Pleco?

    I have a rusty pleco and am unsure what to feed him. So far he gets cucumber twice a week, algae wafers every night, for him and 6 corys, but the platys and tetras help themselves. I have tried apple, no success, he has a small piece of driftwood but doesn't seem very interested at the mo. Any...