1. Froggieboy

    Parasitic isopods?

    A while ago I got LR in my new 50 gallon. And these parasitic isopods came out of a bristle worm! Now I caught two offspring (yes sadly they multiplied). So maybe some identifaction of which species spefically, some tricks and tips. And oh yeah they can scavenge ass well sadly.
  2. taylor811

    Need help identifying white “bugs” in aquarium.

    About an hour ago I went to go feed my fish. It was a little darker outside so I turned on the aquarium light. I noticed what looked like to be just white specks. I feel like they have been there for a while but upon closer inspection I saw the white specks on the aquarium glass and much to my...
  3. A

    Guppy prolapse after birth?

    Hi, i’m new so sorry if this is the wrong place to post - i recently got a fish tank for the first time and have had it about 3 weeks. I added the guppies 2 weeks ago and a week ago the female guppy gave birth so must have been pregnant when I got her. She now has what I think is a prolapse or...
  4. P

    German Blue Ram - White Bump Protruding Out Anus

    Hey everyone this will be my first post to this site as I just joined today . I have a problem with my newer pair of female and male German rams. I’ve had them a little over three weeks. Her belly isn’t round like it should be (it’s actually quite flat), she’s very skinny and Most importantly...
  5. B

    Fin Rot?

    Hi all! I'm new to forums but I joined this one because I'm concerned about my betta. I got her at the beginning of March as a surprise gift. I've done extensive research and tried to give her the best care I can. I honestly can't believe how attached I've become She's a feisty, flitty little...
  6. B

    Mysterious worms infestation

    Hi I have an infestation of worms in my tanks which I can see squirming all over the tank walls, if anyone knows what they are and if they are harmful to the fish that would be good to know and also if anyone knows any methods to get rid of them? I've cleaned and re set up those tanks numerous...
  7. nasy

    Need urgent help with my red parrot fish!!!

    Hello all, I hope this reaches someone soon. I have had these red parrot fish for almost six years. Today I noticed that they swam to the top of the tank, started to loose their color, and are swimming erratically. I've never seen them have all these symptoms in one, and I am very confused and...
  8. M

    What is this on my new betta?

    1 day after purchasing this betta I noticed a white thing hanging off her. It’s been 2 days and it’s not going anywhere. It’s very close to her anus (right next to I think)and she is able to poop, which is a light brown color. I watched her and the feces came out just fine but didn’t phase the...
  9. B

    Found a worm in my tank...

    So I was doing a water change and saw a little worm on my nerite snail. I’m pretty sure it was a detritus worm, still a little unsure. I’m wondering if garlic or aquarium salt will kill them. I don’t have many options because I have scaleless fish, invertebrates
  10. F

    Possible parasite on downtrodden platy :(

    Hi all. I’m a total beginner fish keeper. My brother has given me some fish so I’m still learning! I have 9 platy and a Bala but one of my platy has had clamped fins for the last few days. At first I thought it was stress but I’ve noticed he’s swimming erratically, he’s lost weight and he swims...
  11. S

    What is wrong with my boy?

    I have a male half moon plakat elephant ear called shadow and he had dropsy about 2 to 3 weeks ago and has fully recovered and last night I noticed his scales are either missing or changing colour and I do not know what is happening with him. He is behaving as usual and still eating. When he had...
  12. K

    Fancy Guppy Eggs?

    We have a fancy guppy who we believed to be pregnant. We just moved her into her own tank a few days ago so our other fish wouldn't eat all the fry, and last night she looked like she was in labor. However, when we came down this morning, there were bubble/egg like balls floating on the top of...
  13. G

    Guppy Can't Close His Mouth

    My teen guppy fri can't close his mouth don't see anything in it he is skinny so he hasn't been eating his brother and sisters are always full and plump I separated him and did a water change in my tank 10 gallon 3 adult males 5 three month olds and 10 oneweek old babies sadly mother dead bc of...