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  1. R

    Adding fish to an established tank

    I currently have 15 neons and can't decide what fish to add to the tank. My options are: 1. 8-10 ember tetras/gold tetras 2. 2-3 honey gouramis The tank size is 60x30x40 cm with an eheim 2213 filter. Nitrates are 0. The tank is running for 2 years with the current stock.
  2. K

    Don't know what fish to add to 45 gallon tank

    My 45G is currently stocked with - 12 Neon Tetras - 8 Otos - 8 Guppy Endlers - 4 Panda Cories - 1 Male Kribensis I was wondering if anyone have some good suggestions for a colorful/good schooling fish that would make a good addition to the tank. Thanks! Note: I use to have black skirt...
  3. Commun_Al

    4x Black Neons & 2x Amano Shrimp (Free to a good home) (Glasgow Area)

    Hey guys, I am about to move a very long way and the best thing to do seems to be to re-home the small number of resident from my planted nano. Rather than put them through that (if I even could across borders). There are 4x Black neons and 2x Amano shrimp. Little bit out of the way up here...
  4. Commun_Al

    Old hand, new member

    Hey guys, Hope you are all well. Looking for a nice fish keeping forum I can dip in to. I have been into planted aquarium and fish keeping since I was a kid, brought into the hobby by my dad. I have since moved a lot and dipped in and out when I am in one place for long enough. Which is...
  5. J

    Is something wrong?

    One of my daughters glow fish has what appears to be a small raised bump on its bottom fin. It’s the same color as the fish. It seems to be eating normally and the last water change was almost a month ago. The other two fish do not have a bump. It’s kinda hard to tell since I can’t get a good...
  6. Tegz

    First fishy friends

    Hi all I hope that everyone is well. I'm a28 year old graphic designer from cape town south Africa and this tank sits on my desk I got my first tank 2 weeks ago and have loved every second of having it. It's a 3.2 gallon (not a great start I know but space was very limited I have a bigger...
  7. Retired Viking

    Interesting tetra behavor

    I moved some Anacharis from my 30 gallon tank to my 55 gallon tank because it had grown tall. I decided to put it all at one end of the tank like a small forest. I came back a hour or so later to see my neon and amber tetra swimming around the tank and in the Anacharis forest :fish: but my glow...
  8. C

    Molly Fry

    So I bought a molly a couple of weeks ago... two days later it fired out fry. Saved 1 and have had them in one of those plastic containers that stick to the tank. My issue is that my 105L tank cant take a total of 12 mollies (already have two females), the 3 guppies I have and the 7 neons Does...
  9. M

    My neon tetra in dying?

    My neon doesn't look right, what’s wrong with him? If there is no cure, should I euthanasia it?
  10. H

    Tetra white snout

    Any advice would be appreciated. I have 1 neon tetra with a white, lumpy looking snout(pic attached), one with whitish lips. All 3 of my original tetra have some signs of fin rot but the 3 newest tetra, 3 guppies, 11 cherry shrimp, plants look good. History: Planted 20 gallon tank Original...
  11. dirty_bishop

    55 Gallon Dirt Substrate Community Tank

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my first aquarium.. 3 ft tank 9 Harlequins 8 Corys 4 Bristlenose 15 Neons 3 Dwarf Gouramis 3 guppies (newest addition, why not).. and about 6 or so plant species.. What do we think ? :) I'm super happy for my first tank. It's about 8 months old now.
  12. L

    Glowlight neon tetra - swimming jerky & lump on stomach

    Hi, my glowlight Tetra was lurking around at the bottom of the tank hiding, shaking a bit but seemed like it was just eating food off the bottom of the tank. A while later it was doing the same thing so I thought it can't be still eating, it was almost like it was vibrating/jerking (with its...
  13. A

    Neon Tetra Rough Looki Fins

    I was gone most of the day yesterday and my fish were fine when I got back this morning from what I could tell. About half an hour ago I was watching them and one of them looks like it's fins are torn up and there is a silvery string hanging behind one of it's fins. All of it's fins seem to be...
  14. J

    Need Help With Neon Tetra

    Hello,   I need help with my Neon Tetras. I had 4 to begin with, one died the same day we got it. The others lasted about 5 months. One about a month ago started doing barrel rolls and couldn't swim straight, darting around really fast. He died a week later.   Two days ago, our 3rd fish began...
  15. W

    Tetra Ideas For 20 Gallon Tall

    I have a 20 gallon tall planted tank, thats been dirted with mineralized top soil with peat added and pool filter sand as the cap. I also have some bunches of Anacharis growing. Its only stocked with 4 cory's right now, but i have a pair of German blue rams i'm adding soon. All that aside, I'm...
  16. M

    My Planted Tropical Tank

    Well with my new found love for aquariums i thought it best to share my little pals in a short clip on my planted tropical aquarium. Hope you like it :)
  17. K

    Hey! New Here And Ready To Talk Fish

    Hi!   I just joined this fun forum. I am not a complete new person to fish as I have worked with fish a lot in my life. However I wouldn't call myself a professional. Anyways, I am excited to get back into the hobby at my new place.    I am working on trying to get a 20 gallon tank (the one I...
  18. T

    Can You Give Them A Home? Cheshire

    Hello, i have joined up in the hope that i can find someone who would be interested in offering a home to my purple/blue fighter, rosy barb, 2 neon tetras, and 2 cory cat fish. I also have a large number of Ramshorn snails.   All of the fish are a year or two old, i only have a few as i down...
  19. T

    What To Add To My 200L Tropical Tank

    Hi   I have had tropical fish tanks for quite a few years now but have all been 100L or less. I now have a 200L tank and would like some help with what fish to add.    It is a planted tank that currently has the following: 2 Bristlenose plecs 5 corys 9 zebra danios 6 golden barbs 3 tiger barbs 3...
  20. AeonMapa

    Neon Tetra Lost An Eye!

    So I came home tonight to see one of my neon tetras floating strange. It was asleep but they normally are tucked into the plants. On close inspection is saw that he was missing an eye! All that was left was a bloody socket :( Tank mates are: Severum Geophagus Rams White cloud minnows guppies...