neon tetras

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  1. F

    Costs of a 30 - 40 gallon tank with some neon tetras.

    In light of the responses to my first post (, as well as some further research, I've been able to nail down what I might start with if I get into fishkeeping slightly more...
  2. C

    Ten-Gallon Tank Mates for Guppies

    Hello, I recently bought a ten-gallon tank, and I am currently keeping two female guppies in it. I want to know what kind of other fish species would fit in the tank. I really love cardinal and neon tetras, but I think a group of five or six would overstock the tank. I was also looking into...
  3. BettaGirl_666

    Help With Finding The Gender Of Neon Tetras

    Hello! I've had four neon tetras for a few days now, and I don't really know which gender they are. If anyone could give me some tips on how to sex them, that would be great!
  4. BettaGirl_666

    Neon Tetra Help

    Hello! I was feeding my neon tetras this morning when I saw that one of them (the smallest) had gotten a black tinge on the top of it's dorsal fin. It's been nipping at the other tetras frequently today, and the days I've had it before it was rarely doing so. Is this normal with tetras, or is...
  5. Cluelessone

    Neon Tetra aggression

    Hi all, 77L 60cm x 30cm x 45cm Fully cycled 0/0/7 27°C PH 7 Hardness 56ppm 4 x Cory cats 1 x Dwarf Gourami 10 x Neon Tetras 2x make Guppy’s (I know these like harder water but from speaking with a local breeder they have never had an issue with the local water supply hardness and keeping...
  6. L

    Stocking a 20H Gallon tank

    Hello everyone, Recently I got a 3.5 gallon betta tank in January and I have been preparing to cycle/set up a new 20H Gallon tank and I am starting to figure out what kind of fish to stock the tank with. I have my heart set on a community tank because I love the idea of having different...
  7. Woody781

    Neon tetras are good with....

    I have set up a tank with Neon tetras at the moment and I'm wondering what would go well with them? I do have 2 Borneo catfish with them but they are moving shortly to another tank.
  8. B

    Is My Neon Tetra Sick?

    So as the title suggests, i'd like to know what your opinions are on my tetra who seems to have a white spot of scales towards his back and a belly that protrudes weirdly. He's been like this for a couple of months now and im curious as to if there are any diseases that i should worry ahbout...
  9. P

    Just Need Some Advice...

    Okay so i am new here, created an account so i could get some insight on something my fish has been doing for a couple days now. I have 2 Mollies, and 4 Neon Tetras in a 29 gallon tank, its been cycled for 6 months and i have had no major issues with it. I started out with the Tetras since they...
  10. B

    Breeding Neons

    Hey guys!  I have lots of tank ideas one thing I was thinking of adding would be neon tetras.  I have owned them multiple times and they are fun fish.  I think it would be way cool if they could breed.  Have you guys ever bred them before? 
  11. E

    Beginner Stocking

    hi there, im a newbie and I've just finished cycling a Rekord 700 (70 litres) which took a long time because I was confused at first and had to start again! Basically I just want a few groups of small easy to care for fish since I'm new to the hobby. I went and got 5 neon tetras from my LFS and...
  12. I

    Inherited A 40 Gal Tank, Help A Newby Out :)

    I inherited a 40 galon tank, and I don't know much about fish care so please bear with me.     I've tried to come up with a list of everything that's in there as best I can, and looked up each type of fish on google but this may not be 100% accurate.   9 neon tetras 2 Gold Dojo Loach 2 mollies 2...
  13. M


    Hey i just got a 70l tank which is currently cycling! Im a relative beginner (only had one 60l when i was a teenager) so i was interested in some fish like platies, neon tets and guppies but was wondering what sort of numbers i should be getting them in so theyre happy but not overstocked! thanks :D
  14. M

    Advice On Stocking My First Tank!

    Hi guys! Im really new to this hobby. I had a tropical tank when i was like 13 but that's it! haha I am just in the process of cycling my tank ready for the first lot of fish to be put in but i wanted to check i wasnt putting a stupid combo of species in with each other! I was thinking of neon...
  15. B

    Black Tinge On Neon Tetras' Fins

    Hello. I've woken up today to find that some of my neons, particularly the dominant male, are acting rather aggressive. Many of them, including the dominant male have developed a black tinge to their fins. This happened around a month ago, then it went away. I've tried looking for the cause...