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  1. hevenp

    Hello From Seattle

    Hi, My name is Chris and I am from Seattle.   I currently have two 29 and one 75 gallon tank. (Planted)  I keep livebearer and rainbow fish.    I have tons of guppies and ballon molly (they reproduce very quick) I have seven boesemani rainbows in my 75 (4 female and 3 male)   I have been to...
  2. damienford

    Hello Im Damo And I Have An Epic Amount Of Questions To Ask

    hi im damo, i have 2 tanks    my 1st is a 255lt 6ft x1ft x 1.5ft, its a tropical tank running at 27deg c it has a 800lph external pump and 300w external heater sand gravel and plant with a rocky section, heavly planted section and a carpeted sectionit has only been running for 2 months and we...
  3. A

    Just Enough To Make Me Dangerous

    Hi everyone,   Im a long time reptile keeper who has decided to branch out into aquatics. Yet to set up my first tank as i have been reading up as much as i can before i jump in. I will no doubt pick everyones brains soon as my plan is to create a 190L planted tropical aquarium and hopefully...
  4. Mamashack

    Moderator Rogues Gallery

    Have just been reading an old thread where all the moderators introduced themselves, some with pictures and said a bit about their fish-keeping credentials. I noticed that most of them have now retired or moved on. I have seen and read quite a few posts by some of the current ones, but by no...