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  1. T

    Iridescent rainbow tail guppy

    Thought I’d share this pretty female guppy with all colours of the rainbow in her tail 😊
  2. V

    How do I get my betta hammock to stay?

    The suction cup attached to it no longer suctions onto the glass no matter how much I tried to clean it. I need a way for it to stick that's aquarium safe.
  3. V

    A poll for aquarium lids

    Multiple options for those with multiple tank syndrome. For example, you might have a tank without a lid because the stocking doesn't jump, and a lid on a tank that does.
  4. Barry Tetra

    Are windex and ethanol safe to use?

    Is it safe to use windex and ethanol on outside aquarium glass?
  5. Falconwithaboxon

    Glass v Plexiglass v Open Top

    I have a 45 gallon tank and I am looking to replace the lid for it. I want a glass lid as I just bought a nice light that I can't use with a black lid. The lid dimensions would be 36" L x 12" W. I cannot find anyone selling what I need so I was thinking about making my own or doing it lidless...
  6. K

    What could this be?

    What could this be on the glass of my tank? First time it has appeared. It doesn't move it anything. Is it just algae?
  7. Falconwithaboxon

    Lights Off

    So I have a 29 gallon tank and a few of my fish, my gouramis, platies, and mollies, always charge the glass when I turn my lights off. They are the only fish in my tank that do that so I'm just wondering if that's normal behavior for them. They've been doing that since I got the tank about 2...
  8. Guyb93

    What are these dots ?

    I have loads of dots on the inside of my glass they are almost transparent with a slight white tint my water is ok test results show Gh 120 KH 50 Ph6.5-7 NO2 0 N03 20-40 , my NO3 maybe slightly high I’m just not sure what they are they come off easy enough with the magnet cleaner
  9. T

    Strange brown stuff on tank glass

    Hello, I came to my tank yesterday and there was a strange brown thing on the inside of the tank glass, I had noticed it a few days ago but it was really small so I thought nothing of it but by yesterday it had grown to almost triple the size, so today I cleaned the tank out and used a sponge to...
  10. W

    Adding Ghost Shrimp/mystery Snail To 5G Betta Tank

    I have had my male Betta for 14 months and recently moved him from a 1G to a 5G Aqueon MiniBow.  Eventually I'd prefer a 10G or larger but for now want to make the 5G as comfortable as possible.  In the meantime I was hoping to use the 1G as a plant tank and before doing proper research added 10...
  11. Phaneric

    Experienced Opinions Please! Acrylic Or Glass?

    Hello Forum Friends!   I'm looking for some seasoned folks who have experience with both glass and acrylic aquariums to give me some guidance, please and thanks!(;   Okay, so here's the thing, I'm wanting to set up my first large aquarium. I'm thinking 40gals is my max - plus I'm on a budget...
  12. R

    (Small Tank) Tank Building: Glass Vs. Everything Else

    Hey fish people!   I'm new to fish forums, so hello!!     I love fish, and I'm trying to get into tank building and the world of DIY! I love building things myself, and building my own fish tank would just be awesome!!!!   I'm not at all experienced in glass work though. It seems kind of...
  13. Y

    Slime On Aquarium Glass

    So I have this translucent slime film developing all across my aquarium glass you an really see it except for the little bubbles trapped around it, and I have orangish looking algae growing on my marine rock as well in the main tank, Is this something to be worried about? 
  14. T

    Cracked Tank

    Woke up this morning and my 200L tank has cracked can across the base, flooded everywhere. I need it fixed ASAP but dont want it to be just any glazier, do you know anyone trustworthy and affordable and quick in Perth, WA?
  15. J

    Building A Glass Tank!

    I am going to try and build my own glass tank I am getting the glass for free of 2 relatives who are window fitters and are giveing me glass that would just be thrown away I know the size of the tank depends on the thickness of the glass but does anyone have any tips on building a glass tank as...
  16. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Cracked Aquarium :(

    So I just bought a second-hand 55 gallon aquarium with a stand and the guy I bought them from threw in a 30 gallon he wasn't using for free. The 55 looks fine, crossbar and silicone all intact. The 30 gallon however has a small chip in one of the glass faces, it appears to be about 1/16" deep...
  17. Zikofski

    Glass Lily Pipes And Flow Advice Needed

    okay a couple of questions, i plan to do a smaller tank for when i go to Australia, planning a 30"x12"x15" 88L (23 Gal) now first thing is first flow seeming i am going for a heavily planted tank with co2 injection, from what i have learnt over the past few weeks/months i need good flow around...