fungal infection

  1. carligraceee

    Blue Phantom Pleco Disease I.D!!!

    Hello guys. I have a new addition to the family, a Blue Phantom Pleco. His name is Ludwig. Ludwig came to me with a small white spot on his head but I didn’t think anything of it, I assumed it was a part of his coloring. But it has gotten a bit bigger within the last two days and I am a bit...
  2. W

    African Dwarf Frog Bumps with red spot on them.

    Hello all, Unfortunately, my ADF may be sick. This is the first aquarium with endlers, guppy, adf, orange shrimp, and a pleco... 16 gallon. A few weeks ago, I noticed a bump developing. Now, there are several and a few have a red dot on them. What type of a disease can this be? And how should...
  3. A

    Fungus or growth?

    My fish has a growth on his side, hopefully you can see on the attached pictures. It continually grows and its white so I thought it was a fungus. However I've done water changes, cleaned the tank and filter and given him anti fungal medication but nothing seems to work. Any advice? Thank you
  4. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Hey all, One of my goldfish has developed a fungus type infection on his fins and has now been isolated in a hospital tank. I noticed the issue yesterday, since his swimming was abnormal, and today he is on his side, although fortunately still alive. I dosed the tank yesterday with antifungal...
  5. jedimildred54

    My new african dwarf frog is shedding weekly, is this normal?

    I recently got 2 african dwarf frogs for a 5 gallon tank. One frog, the biggest one, has shed once a week since I got him (it's been about 3 weeks). He always gets all the skin off after a day. There is no redness. A week ago the water was cloudy so I changed half the water. Also I've switched...
  6. C

    ADF with flaky skin?

    Hi! So I recently purchased an african dwarf frog from a large-chain pet store. Aside from his missing arm, which was very inflamed when I got him, he seemed to be alright-- eating well, responsive to stimulus, etc. I've been quarantining him for about a week now before I introduce him to my...
  7. Tap Water

    White Fungus/Rot on Corydora

    I noticed some white starting to appear on some of my bronze corydoras fins, and I cant quite figure out what it is. One cory has it worse than the rest, and it looks as if the fin is actually beginning to rot away. I've had these cory for over six months now, and I've owned cory for about four...
  8. K

    Help not sure what this is!!!

    Hello all. Brand new here. I have a 20 gallon tank. Last night or of nowhere the beta fish we had developed very bad fin rot on his tail and he had white specs on him. The tetras we have also had white specs. Fearing the worst I assumed it was ich. Went to get ich medication from pet smart as...
  9. C

    Platy with suspected fin rot

    Hi I just want some advice with my platys. I bought them a couple of days ago and noticed one had abit of its fin missing, I couldn't tell if it was fun rotior if it had been nipped. So I started treating it with api's melafix and pimafix and currently on the 5th day of treatment. But there's no...
  10. GuppyGirl20

    Help! How to proceed with medication

    Hi. I have a carbon filter. One of the cheapy nothing fancy kind so the carbon cant be removed without destroying the filter. It's been in use for longer than 4 weeks so the carbon part should be ineffective, right? I suspect my poor betta has somehow got a fungal infection. His poor mouth area...
  11. Chris1075

    Treatment Medication Recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for some advice for treatment or medication to use to treat fin rot. I have been to my LFS, which advised me to do 25% - 50% water changes every other day and aquarium salt and use Seachem's Garlic Guard. It looked like it had cleared up, and the tetra was getting better. A...
  12. T

    Sick Kissing Gourami

    Hi Guys,   First time posting on this forum but I've been into aquariums for a couple of years.    Anyway, the kissing gourami in my 55g planted tank isn't doing too well. He hasn't been eating for the past few days and just hangs around the bottom of my the tank. There appears to be some kind...