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  1. G

    Cloudy calcification issue on tank glass

    Hello guy! My name is George and I registered in this forum because I've been dealing with this issue for a while now and I hope I can get a solution. My family owns a "perfecto" brand fish tank (100 gallons) from way back in the day that used to originally meant for saltwater life. In the early...
  2. P

    Diatoms that WONT go away

    Hey guys i’m new to fish keeping, i have 3 cory catfish in a 10 gallon. (i know i need to get more lol) but i have brown algae all over the walls of the tank. i do weekly water changes where i take 75% of the water out and then wipe down the inside of the tank with a wet cloth to get out all the...
  3. C

    Upgrading my tank!!

    Hi I am very excited to upgrade my tank to a bigger size so I can add a few more fish. My current tank is set up and iv been advised to bag the fish up get as much of the old tank water into the new tank as possible then fill it up like a big water change to fill up the new tank. What do I do...
  4. K

    synodontis catfish sudden death :'(

    Hi everyone. We have had a synodontis catfish for most of our fish keeping life. I came downstairs this morning to see he had passed away. I am utterly devastated, he was the friendliest fish we have had in our tank and he was absolutely gorgeous, even neon looking around his edges. He was my 3...
  5. K

    Blue LED light?

    Me again :rolleyes: Are there benefits to having a blue LED moonlight on in the tank? My new tank I've set up has a long white LED and a short blue LED. You can have them on singularly or both together. I presume the "moonlight" is good for nocturnal fish? Will it have any negative effect on...
  6. fisharecool789

    tank update?

    hey everyone, sorry if i’m posting under the wrong topic : ( there are just so many i don’t know which one to post under! but i got two cryptocorn plants, as well as an amazon (amazonian?) sword plant (i think?), my female veiltail betta is getting along really well with my guppies !!! the 3...
  7. K

    Searching for a filter for 29 gallon

    I plan on purchasing a 29 gallon tank tomorrow and need help on picking a filter for my tank! I’ve heard a lot about the marine land filters but I’m not sure which filters are the best for a 29 gallon. I plan to have around 15 ish fish in this tank. Thank you.
  8. K

    Looking for a new tank

    i currently have a 15g fish tank, but my corydoras had babies a few months ago and have outgrown the breeder box that they are in. I have about 10 new corys and am looking for a new tank. I want something longer rather than taller and something around 20-30 gallons maybe 40 but can’t find...
  9. K

    30-40 gallon Fish tanks ??

    im wanting to purchase and new 30-40 gallon fish tank since I want to add more fish, and also have some fry that will be moved in there. What are the best 30-40 gallons out there or the best brands of fish tanks???
  10. AnnAlfie

    Sandstone..good or bad?

    There is a lot of mixed results online as to the use of sandstone in fish tanks. Personally, I have a piece of sandstone however my tank was cycled 6 months in advance of adding fish. The sandstone was given to me from a builder. I washed the stone and poured boiling water over it to kill any...
  11. F

    240g tank with sump and stand

    I have a glass 240-gallon aquarium with sump that is running as a freshwater setup complete with extra high capacity return pump, lights, heater, etc. You can use the freshwater setup or drain it and start your own saltwater setup. To build this system would cost at least $5,000. Includes: 240...
  12. J

    Hey Guys New To The Forums! Help?

    Hey guys my name is Jake I have been keeping fresh water fish for around 4 years now. I just joined because I wanted to put myself into the fish keeping community a little more. I started this forum so you guys that have more experience than me can help me and others start and be successful in...
  13. F

    Hello There.

    Hello everyone, im mordecai, but you can call me mordy, i dont mind. I have two tanks ive had since two months ago, and i love this hobby of mine. Everytime i get paid i go to petsmart. Im addicted. Litterally. ---------------- Im my bathroom i have a small tank, about the size of a regular...
  14. SamsFishaquatic

    Starting A New Tank... What Should I Get.

    So excited to be a getting a new 37 gallon or a 40. I have been looking around and have not made up my mind yet. I really want a hardy fish or anything that could make the tank look cool. Probably going to get some kind of chiclid. Also any ideas on plants or decor? Thanks and I will make sure...
  15. argoma

    New Tank Options

    So i went to the pet store today and i saw a tank there, now i'm thinking of wich would be better for my bettas.   Option one:   DIY 8,5 Gallon cubic shape tank. Acrylic tank that i would make myself with the help of my dad. I wouldn't have a proper lid, just a piece of acrylic over the tank...