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  1. rebe

    Fishless cycling and fish brainstorming

    Hi again everyone! First of all thank you so much for all of your help and advice in my last thread. I am so grateful, especially since I don't know of any aquarium hobbyists or groups irl. For this thread I'd like to hear your opinions/advice for fishless cycling. Last year I first attempted...
  2. WestCoastChelle

    When/How to use Tetra Safe Start for Fishless Cycle?

    So I got my tank all set up. Weights in there now, holding down the driftwood til it gets waterlogged. Got a few plants. It's been running 24h, up to temperature, everything's looking good. Now I want to start it cycling properly. I read the fishless cycle post which is what I'm used to doing...
  3. tkoalas

    Struggling to read nitrite level (and is it too high for fishless?)

    I am currently cycling (fishless) a 5 gallon tank with a HOB filter (TopFin) and Fluval BioMedia (BioMAX). That's not super relevant, but it's good to know and share. I have been dosing with Stability and the nitrites just started to spike. What I am not used to is figuring out how concentrated...
  4. tkoalas

    Hi! I am new here

    Hi! I am new here, and trying to find a community that can help when I need it. I love to do research, but there is only so far that research can get you. I have a 5 gallon tank I am currently cycling (fishless) for my betta named Glimmer (male halfmoon). He currently lives in a 1 gallon bowl...
  5. JayLB

    Tank WILL NOT complete cycle

    Ammonia around 1.0 Nitrite around .25 Nitrate 5.0 PH is 7.0 Temp is 80 20 gallons Fishless Just completed 50% water change prior to this test, only difference was nitrite was maybe closer to .25 than it is now. Water has been at these parameters for literally WEEKS. HELP ME COMPLETE CYCLE...
  6. F

    Fishless cycling help

    Hello! I started my fishless cycling process about 2 weeks ago. I added the right amount of Dr Tims ammonia to my 8G tank. I’m also adding nitrifying bacteria every so often too. The ammonia reading is about 3.0ppm and my nitrite is around 2.0ppm . Does this mean the cycling is working? And if...
  7. D

    Fishless Cycle 3 weeks no Nitrite

    Hello All, currently on day 21 of a fishless cycle and have no nitrites as of yet. Is this normal or have I done something wrong. How long has it taken other people to see nitrites appear ? My tank is 80 litres, the filter is set up and the temperature has been at 28 Celsius / 82 Fahrenheit...
  8. xxBarneyxx

    Simplified Fishless Cycling Instructions

    So the main sticky for Fishless cycling is great but it suffers a little from information overload and that makes it hard for some to follow the instructions. I thought I would have a go at a "condensed" version. This is in no way meant to replace the original instructions but just act as a...
  9. Mollyforever

    i thought I was done! What the..

    My new 20 gallon tank has been cycling since the beginning of September and according to the fishless cycle guide I was almost near the end. Two days ago i dosed ammonia the full amount, and saw the ammonia and nitrite fall to 0 in 24 hrs. Nitrate was under 10, pH 8 and KH and GH both around...
  10. Mollyforever

    Fishless cycling and low nitrite!

    Hello everyone! You can skip the first few paragraphs of my fish history since its too long but I need help with my fishless cycling!! I have a 10G tank that originally started with 5 mollies. After two months, three of them got sick and died one after another. The reasonthat I can think of...
  11. A

    Struggle with water quality and high nitrates in cycling tank

    Hello I am very new to the hobby having just had a few Danio over the past year. Unfortunately I didn’t know about fully cycling a tank before, had used QuickStart and waited a few weeks before adding the fish. I am upgrading to a 20gallon tank but the water quality is terrible where I live pH...
  12. R84achey

    Confused by cycle

    Hi all So 3 days ago I started to cycle my tank. I added 3ml of ammonia and confirmed the amount by testing the water which measure 3.0mg/l. Here I am testing again and ammonia (nh3 & nh4) are now at 0mg/l, Nitrite is at 0.3mg/l & nitrate is at 25mg/l. I’ve read through the fishless cycle...
  13. A

    Fishless Cycling our new 55 gallon tank

    Hey guys, We’ve been having a small 10 gallon tank for a while now and got our new 55 gallon tank a couple of weeks ago so we’re still pretty new to all of this. We decided to do a fishless cycle on this new tank. Our nitrite levels are already pretty high and have been staying high for a week...
  14. S

    Cycling a New Tank - my test results for the first 13 days

    Hi Everyone I started fishless cycling a 24 litre tank which I picked up for an emergency - its a plastic tank with basic light and a small fluval filter. I've been running it now for 13 days and to cycle it I've been adding a pinch of fish flakes daily and dosing with API StressZyme - I...
  15. G

    Is my cycle complete and any more steps?

    I've had my ammonia spike, this now reads 0. I've had my nitrite spike, this also reads 0. I've had my nitrate go up and down but is also now 0. My live plants are doing well, haven't been in for a long time but none have died so far! Do I need to put ammonia in for another spike? Or can I...
  16. C

    One week into a fish less cycle

    Hi everyone , I am one week into my fishless cycle and am seeing high levels of ammonia and nitrites with medium to low levels of nitrates. I am now experiencing a hair algae bloom. Am I doing something wrong ? I have a 135 litre planted tank with a Co2 system. I run the lights for...
  17. D

    Nitrite level during Fishless Cycling

    Hi, I`m at day 26 of a Fishless Cycle of a 20gl tank, my Ammonia is getting reduced from 2ppm to 0.25pmm in less than 12 hours, my Nitrates are at 20ppm but my Nitrites are far above 5ppm and are not reducing. I have already done several large water changes during the last three days, this...
  18. J

    New tank cycling questions

    Hi There: I need light in this matter with my aquarium, I started a fishless cycle in my 36g tank in Oct. 30, I started with 4.0 PPM Ammonia using Dr. Tim, today I'm still at 4.0 ppm in Ammonia, here's what I have: 36g Tank, with chiller, air stones, 50g filter (aqueon), all the decoration I...

    Fishless Cycle: Did it complete?

    Hi all, First time post to this forum. It's been over 7 years since I had an aquarium up and running, so my memory is kinda foggy. I am in the process of doing a fishless cycle. Here are the tank basics: - Size: 5g tank - Future fish: betta - Substrate: Caribsea Eco Complete - Plants: 1...
  20. P

    Fish-in Cycling w/ Betta and ADFs; help ASAP!!!

    So I think we messed up. We got a new Betta fish(Keanu) and six ADFs the other day, and literally this morning I found out about cycling... The Betta is in the 3.5 gallon, and we have two tanks. We've got three ADFs in each, and the Betta in one, with the intent of getting another betta for the...