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  1. C

    Seeding new sponge filter without running HOB at the same time?

    Hello! I got a new sponge filter for my betta in his 10 gal as he didn’t like the flow of my HOB. I was wondering if there was any way to reliably transfer beneficial bacteria without having to run them both for a month together? I have been doing that, but my little man really doesn’t like the...
  2. Z

    Afragog in aquarium?

    What are the uses of afragog in an aquarium beyond having a large surface area for bacteria? I remember reading it last time and deciding to add it to my tank; however, now I can not find any information about it. Is there anyone else that uses it in their aquariums/filters?
  3. Beany81487

    Filter Media Confusion

    Hello all. I haven't been in the Aquatic hobby for long and as I'm doing my research I am getting hung up on filter media. Here's what I know so far... or what I think I know. Please feel free to constructively correct me. The order should be the following based on water flow pattern of...
  4. V

    Can I be filled in on filters?

    What is filter media? Is it the sponge part of the filter? Inside my filter is a piece to hold the bag, that has a sponge. The bag itself is really gross looking, even after cleaning so I guess that's just normal. It has little pieces of coal in it. My filter is a regular, hang on the back. I...
  5. L

    Sponge filter crushed guppy

    I currently have a 20 gallon. It's stocked with 9 harlequin rasboras (they've been there for a little over month), a male Betta (2 weeks), and as of this morning, 2 female guppies (not even a full 24 hours). The male guppy who accompanied the females was tragically crushed under the brand new...
  6. G

    Selling Freshwater Rocks, Plants, and Essentials

    Rocks with bacteria - $7 each Various Plants ($ depends on the plant) - SOLD Driftwood - $15 Heater - $20 Pinguin 350 Filter - $45 Filter Media - $4 each Air Stone - $6 - SOLD Air Pump - $17
  7. F

    Filter media cleaning

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and would like some advice on whether it's safe to clean Juwel filter media or whether I should always buy new as per the Juwel instructions. I currently change the white filter wadding weekly and the carbon sponge monthly and I'm wondering if I can get away with...
  8. R

    Carbon cartridge and filter part alternatives?

    Hey guys, I recently got a new (second hand) tank (Aqua one Lifestyle 76L) that I bought very spontaneously from somebody. It has a built-in filter but unfortunately, it didn't come with its carbon cartridge or sponge. I've had to order its replacement parts online and I'm a bit taken aback by...
  9. O

    Biorb filters…

    Hi guys, first of all I know Biorbs are a very controversial choice but if I could get some advice on the following things that would be great! First of all, filters… Biorb recommends changing the entire filter disc every 4 weeks. Instead, I am thinking of buying a new filter every few weeks...
  10. jessicarf00

    switching filter media?

    i have a hob filter which i have never changed the filter media in. i’ve been doing research and i’m wanting to switch the media to a sponge so i won’t need to buy new ones and so that my tannins won’t be filtered out. my question, however, is how? should i put the sponge in the filter, leave it...
  11. Lgoldman

    How can I add more fish without overstocking?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 mollies, 3 platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. I usually siphon the tank every week and my filter is the one that came with a tank. (Its either Tetra or Aqueon). Recently I found fry in my tank. There were only two left by the time I found them, but I moved...
  12. ellamay

    How often should I change my filter cartridge?

    I’ve had my tank up and running for about 6 weeks ish. Just put some fish and 2 shrimp in a couple of days ago. I was told on here not to change my filter cartridge yet but it’s looking very brown! I did try to clean it in the old tank water but it seems pretty hard to clean compared to other...
  13. Linkandnavi

    Moving plastic "media" from cycled internal filter to uncycled external filter

    Hi guys, Hopefully "Cycling" is the right forum as I'm hoping to prevent a new cycle. I have a fully cycled 20 gallon tank running at the moment and the first fish are in there. However, it's running an internal filter that came with the tank and I hate everything about it - it takes up a heap...
  14. S

    Buy with or without filter/ heater

    Newbee question.. Just splashing out ona 240l tank and cabinet... Question is.. Do I go for a heater and filter included or do I get separates.. I keep reading both sides but am unsure.. Just there's no points buying a set to find the output on the filters rubbish or that I need more juice in...
  15. pkenziep

    Filter broke - what to do with filter media

    Hello! The filter on my 29gal tank just broke. It’s the type of filter that goes on the side of the tank (Fluval AquaClear). I don’t have another at home, so while I wait to get a new one tomorrow, should I keep my filter media? And if so, how/where do I store it? I don’t want to throw it all...
  16. H

    How to change filter cartridge

    So. Filters, right? I have a couple of questions regarding them. It's been about a month now of me unsuccessfully attempting to cycle my new 10 gallon tank, and I've had my filter running the entire time. It's an Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filter, and of course has the appropriate media...
  17. E

    Big ol' filter queries!

    Hi all, I have a few filter quandaries and could really use some advice. I currently have 2 Juwel tanks (120L and 110L) and use the eccoflow 500 filters that came with it. I also set up the spongers as shown in their instructions. Both filters have started stalling a bit, one a lot more than...
  18. T

    Recommend filter for a 70L tank

    Hi, although I am still new this hobby and my aquarium 70l (19 gallon) tropical aquarium is mid cycle, I am putting thought into getting a new filter. I currently have the juwel bioflow one which is quite bulky, has poor surface agitation and only allows for regular mechanical filtration (no...
  19. Barry Tetra

    How to wash a filter? Canister, HOB and internal filter

    Do I have to get it all out and wash it all (thats what i do) or just wash the sponge inside the filter?
  20. Coloursfly

    Vortex Diatom filter/System 1 filter

    Well, this may not seem like a newbie question but it is ;) I have done a bit of reading on tropical tanks recently, and to 'clean & polish' a tank I read that diatom filters were amazing. I have a bit of cloudy water, and recent additions seems to shows some spot which appear to be ich. I have...