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  1. J

    Larger filter?

    I’ve been keeping freshwater tropical fish for a number of years and gradually upgraded to larger tanks. My current tank is a 230 litre Aqua One and when I set it up about 3 years ago I did so with the filter that it came with - an ocellaris 850. I’ve always had a community aquarium and...
  2. AmyKieran

    Duck bill outlet alternatives?

    I’m putting a new filter into my tank and have misplaced the duckbill part of the outlet pipe, what alternatives can I use instead? Do I actually need anything at the end of the pipe?
  3. V

    Transfering filter media from internal to external system

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a new (bought used) aquarium with an external pump and filter for the first time. My question is about transferring sponge filter media from an internal pump & filter, eheim pick up series. The external pump & filter is eheim 250 and has different filter media. One is...
  4. Jagster

    Newly set up 15 gallon freshwater tank

    Hey guys I am new to the hobby and bought a tank after months of research. My newly set up 15 gallon freshwater planted overhead filter tank has been cycling for 3 weeks now. I have made a list of the fish would like to keep and need your opinion on it. 6× zebra danio 6× neon tetra 2× oto 1×...
  5. Suleika

    For Sale: Fluval Roma 125 Complete Aquarium Setup Including Cabinet &#

    Equipment:   Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium and Cabinet Oak, including 1x Fluval Heater (Fluval Mirrored M Series Heater 150watt) & 2x GLO T8 Light Tubes (although these and the light reflector need replacing) Aquarium Volume: 125 L Aquarium Measurements: 80 x 35 x 45 cm Cabinet Measurements: 80.6cm...
  6. glasgowgirl786

    Fluval 206 Or Tetratec Ex 700?

    Hey everyone, Just need some opinions etc on what external filter is quieter! My tank is in my bedroom so I need an external filter that is virtually silent. Any people who own them could you please tell me how quiet/silent they are? I can't choose between the Fluval 206 or the tetratec ex 700...
  7. ashcole1989

    Thinking Of Buying A New Filter

    So I'm wondering whether to change my filter. I currently have a hang on the back external marina s20. I cleaned the casing out last weekend and discovered it wasn't flowing last night and I had to clean it all out again. It's fairly new and my fish in cycle is not quite there yet, but I'm...
  8. S

    Superfish External Filter

    Has anyone ever used a superfish external filter ? I bought a used tank that came with one, it has 750 lph but the flow coming from the output just doesnt seem as much as it should be.
  9. RCA

    Noisy Impeller Fix : What Do You Know About Oils?

    I recently started having an issue with my All Ponds Solutions external filter, and asked the question re: Beneficial Bacteria's Survival With Filter Shut Down, thus more information re: the filter/tank can be found in that previous topic.     Having opened up the filter checking all was OK...
  10. MartinS

    Eheim 2117 And Aqua One Aquis

    Equipment make/model/size: Eheim 2117 (no media), Aqua One Aquis (not sure of model) for spares or repairs Quantity for sale: 1 of each Reason for Sale: Upgraded Delivery or Collection: Collection Only Sales price: Eheim £40, Aqua One £20 Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Redhill...
  11. phishyphil

    Purigen - How Much Is Needed?

    Purigen Right, I am going to try out Seachem's Purigen filter media. Question is, How much is needed to fill 1/2 to 3/4 of a Tetratec EX1200 Basket? I will be running the bottom of the tray in purigen, and the top part of the tray with a course sponge Thanks in advance PC