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  1. sawickib

    Adding Driftwood To 75 Gallon Tank

    I have a 75 gallon aquarium fully established, had it for almost 3 years with 3 bichirs, a black ghost knife, a tire track eel,a elephant nose fish and a pleco. I was wondering if I add 4 pieces of driftwood 2 large and 2 medium will it effect those fish by lowering the pH to much or any other...
  2. CoryFever

    Driftwood In A Tanganyika Tank

    I recently bought a nice piece of driftwood at my local LFS with the intention to start up a South American apistos tank. I have changed my mind however, and I would like to start up a tank for the Tanganyika cichlids. I can't return the driftwood, and all my other tanks have no room. The...
  3. BigFish01

    Can Someone Possibly Id This Wood By Looking At It?

    A friend of mine found these branches that were very cool but we have no idea where they came from. They were in someones house. The wood is very hard, I cannot dig it with my fingernails at all. was wondering if anyone had any idea what it looks like and if it would be safe to put in my tank...
  4. M

    Surely This Isn't Right... (Ph)

    So last weekend in preparation for my new aquarium (which arrived today) I brought some wood, bog or drift not sure can't remember and have been soaking it in a plastic box for 6days... Now I'm about to start setting up my aquarium I tested the water in the container and it was close to PH 5...
  5. JCorvinus

    Woods Avoiding A Tea Coloured Tank ?

    In the past i have used a variety of driftwoods in my tank , however after soaking in boiling water etc for several days ,    which did reduce tannins and stain considerably , eventually my tanks still went yellow ,      how is this best avoided ,    buy , pricey pre treated wood ? or is there a...
  6. M

    Tank Transfer From 10g To 55g

    I am fairly new to the the hobby and completely new to the forum. i will be getting a new tank due to the $1 gallon sale at the local petco which will either be a 40g breeder or 55 g tank really cant decide. My current tank that i will be transferring from my current tank. A Half Moon/Circle 10g...
  7. D

    Bogwood Online?

    Hi guys, I'm after some good sized bogwood and none of my lfs stock anything worth buying. does anyone know of any online places that are worth a look? I'm sure it's been covered somewhere before but can't find anything relevant. Thanks