Can Someone Possibly Id This Wood By Looking At It? Pet of the Month
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Feb 7, 2012
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Muskegon, Michigan
A friend of mine found these branches that were very cool but we have no idea where they came from. They were in someones house. The wood is very hard, I cannot dig it with my fingernails at all. was wondering if anyone had any idea what it looks like and if it would be safe to put in my tank. Thanks!



This is what I hope to create a "tree" out of. Not sure where to put it yet but If I can use it it would be awesome! Thanks for any help!
iv got no idea what it is, but if its a dry hardwood you should be fine with it in your tank once it sinks 
I can't say for 100% but the little knobs make me think it's grape though it's not as twisty as most grape is.
Would it be bad if it were grape?
It is real hard. One piece is a little softer. My knife is sharp enough to shave the hair on my arm and its a struggle to get shavings from it. I think it may be harder than oak. Its definately dry.
Correction it is harder than oak. There is a branch in the woods I have been eying and it cut into that a LOT easier than this stuff! Guess that means it should be ok after soaking for a long while?
No, not at all. Grape wood is a common aquarium wood.  It's often just called vine wood...probably  because it's either not always or not really from grape vines themselves.
Eventually it will rot and need to be replaced but this takes a long time to happen, as in years.
That's a good hard wood that tends to last and last. I can't honestly say I know how long. I've never had a piece long enough for it to rot and that's after a few years. I like it because it sinks well. I like the look of Malaysian drift wood better (personal thing) but it's not as "good" a wood in my opinion.
Lol its cool. glad your lookin out :) Now to find something to soak my "tree" in. :) Any suggestions on where to put it in the tank??
It looks a bit like Manzanita wood to me.
Does it have to be straight up? Either way though i think in the back on the left would be good, I'm not the best at scaping though.. :p
Do you have any large plastic tubs or buckets? Or maybe multiple bathrooms so you could use the bathtub in one of them? xD
I use the bathtub when I can but some wood requires a longer soak so I use a bucket or wash tub. Nearly anything that holds water, is free of chemicals, and large enough to submerge the wood will work or the soak.
If you go for a tree, I would go with the "thirds rule".  An off-center centerpiece always looks more natural ;) This is exciting!!!

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