Is indian almond tree wood safe for aquarium use?

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Mar 16, 2024
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So I used to get catappa or indian almond leaves from a tree here in my neighborhood and add them to my tank. But about a year ago they killed the tree since the house there was being renovated, but they left the whole trunk lying on their front yard. So I was thinking of using some of the branches, roots, or small stumps of the tree as driftwood for my freshwater tank. I'm not really sure if it's safe to use like its leaves though, I have no idea if it can leech out stuff other than tannins, or maybe rot quickly? I don't have a picture but the wood looks grey-ish, dried, and have no barks left if that helps?
I can attest that the bark is excellent, The wood might have less tannins, but the whole tree is good, even the roots.

knowing what you are using it for...
Well. Let's see. If the tree wasn't dead, then you'll need to consider the sap. The sap can contain whatever toxins might have been in the soil. Nitrogen is a toxin that could be present in the soil. I'd consider a very dry piece of driftwood instead of something from a newly cut down tree.

Managed to get some chunks of the wood, some of parts of it were soft and falling off easily but the rest of the wood is really hard. I scraped off the soft bits with a metal toothbrush then sanded it lightly. Here's before and after pics, is the wood still safe if it looks like this?


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Soak it in a bucket until it sinks and watch for sap leaks, change the water often if it tints a lot.

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