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  1. Tttay89

    PH and driftwood

    Evening! Complete newby here. Joined a forum because of the false advice I keep getting given by aquarium shops (After failing my first tank from being told I can put a load of fish in a new tank after a few days). I'm now running a fully cycled 120litre stocked tank with no issues after a lot...
  2. S

    transparent slime on my driftwood

    i have a new planted 10g tank and my driftwood is picking up a transparent layer of sluggish substance which is covering most of my driftwood and it is slimy. is it normal? if it is not normal, what should i do to treat it? help me please. PS: its a new tank and im currently cycling it without...
  3. Ch0le

    Driftwood fungus

    Hello everyone. I am worried that the fungus on my driftwood will harm my plants. If so, what should I do?
  4. T

    Shrimp hiding all of the time

    Hi, so I had a new aquarium around a month ago and had a couple of amano shrimp in there. The shrimp, along with all of the other fish were really happy and doing great. However i haven't seen my shrimp in around a week now so I looked for them and got a torch and looked under some drift wood...
  5. Danby

    Pleco won’t eat

    Hi, I got what I believe to be a common pleco about two days ago, he’s in a 4ft 250L tank. I’m concerned for him as he won’t go near the drift wood I’ve provided, instead he tends to prefer a wooden-looking barrel instead. The barrel is plastic so he’s not eating it. I can’t seem to convince him...
  6. H

    Driftwood Advice

    So I recently started a new tank, it is going to be strictly plant based until I am happy with how it looks lol, then I'll be adding some fish. I picked up 2 nice pieces of driftwood and currently in the process of water logging them. I let them soak in the tub in really hot water, mostly just...
  7. Chris1075

    20 Gal Freshwater to driftwood or not...

    Hello all... I am just seeking some information and comments about expanding my aquarium. As my post say's, I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank, with some java fern, money wart, cabomba for plants. I have 3 bleeding heart tetra's 3 golden long tail tetra's and 3 turquoise guppies. 1 golden...
  8. Demeter32

    Try for the "blackwater" look

    I very recently learned about black water aquariums and am trying to figure things out with a 10 gallon before possibly doing a 20 gallon. I decided not to mess with changing the pH but if it does change after adding leaves and driftwood, then that's okay. So far, I've added a bunch of oak...
  9. FroFro

    Got Some Driftwood!

    I got back home an hour ago with some driftwood sold to me by the store directly from the tank. It's mopani. A medium piece that won't take up too much space. I did notice one thing however when I took it home and took it from the bag, it seems to have some very small white spots in the crevices...
  10. FroFro

    Best Driftwood For My Tank?

    What is the best driftwood choice for my tank? None of my fish other than a small pleco can benefit from it, but I read its good for the overall health of the tank. What is the easiest kind of wood to cure/boil/soak of tannins before putting it into the water? I work nearly full time so a wood...
  11. FroFro

    Pleco And Driftwood Help.

    Hello there! Please allow me to list my tank info before reading the rest so if you reply you know the up and up     36 Gallon freshwater tank.   Established bacteria colony/tank   Water parameters are all normal. I use test strips so I don't have EXACT numbers to share. I test every 3-5 days to...
  12. notg2009

    Driftwood Fungus

    Hi everyone, I setup this 10 gallon tank about 2-3 weeks ago. I tied willow moss to the wood, placed in the tank and planted dwarf hairgrass and AR mini at the same time. I noticed white fuzzy growth on the wood that I had seen before in my other tank and thought it was just fungus that grows on...
  13. hudsona85

    Tank Scaping So Far.

    Got my 75gal up and running! Slowly getting some plants in there. I have the driftwood held down by some rocks. Thinking I may add more driftwood and plants to hopefully get the Amazon look as close as possible. May have to change out the light system as well. I have 2 Rainbow cichlids and I...
  14. AnthonyMarchese

    Can I Use This Driftwood!?!?!?

    so i found a really nice piece of drift wood but i found it by this peninsula and the water is really muddy and ty. idk where it leads but theres jelly fish and stuff in the water so im guessing a river or something. the peice was on a tree that fell down and was submerged in the mud and was...
  15. thrujenseyes

    Something Has Turned My Driftwood Into A Muppet

    I think I've identified this fuzz as staghorn algae...?   It's usually white but turned hot pink the other day?!   I tried all day yesterday to post this but couldn't for some reason.   I went home and cut all of my anacharis down to stubs (some of the tips had it growing on it).   And I boiled...
  16. carmstrong

    Purigen Product Advice

    Good Afternoon Fish Keepers,    I had a question about this specific product.    Its called Purigen     Has anyone used this product and is it safe?   I am researching on how to help remove further tannins from my tank despite my driftwood being soaked for a month and boiled.    Any advice or...
  17. Dandx13

    Removing Driftwood/decor From Established Tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank with some driftwood and anubias attached to it, would it be alright if i took it out and added it to new tank because my fish keeps biting the leaves off. I was curious if it would create a mini cycle in the tank.
  18. Q

    Mold On Emergent Driftwood!

    DIDNT KNOW WHERE ELSE TO ASK THIS! Figured planted people may have experienced the same thing. I recently finished my natural planted tank. Used the ol' Walstad method, and its working flawlessly. My only issue is I have a piece of driftwood that sticks probably 6-7 inches out of the top of the...
  19. sawickib

    So.. Tannins

    So I didnt know the mopani driftwood was going to make my water as murky as it did. But ii dont mind just two questions. Does it affect the water clarity or anything chemically in the water? And does it affect the plans in the tank, i have java fern, mosses and banana plant.
  20. RossC

    Bogwood And Redmoor For Sale - West Midlands

    Equipment make/model/size: Bogwood and Redmoor Wood, sizes shown in images  Quantity for sale: 4 pieces Reason for Sale: No longer used Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £10 per piece of wood Postage & Packaging: Collection only Location: WS8, West Midlands Photographs: Please...