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  1. O

    Please Help

    Could anyone help me to find out the disease of my fish? What necessary action should I take?
  2. J

    Whirly Disease or Swim Bladder

    I have a 3 yr old Rainbow shark. I believe it's a male but not 100% positive. He is refusing to eat unless handfed via a small syringe. I noticed this about 2 days ago when he was out in the tank spinning in a corner. I thought whirly disease or swim bladder but he is not visibly bloated and he...
  3. H

    Mysterious illness

    Tank 55 gallon & 15 gallon Nitrate 20 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Chlorine 0 Alkalinity 100 pH 7.2 78 degrees The above readings have been steady for at least 3 months. Tank mates are: 20 pygmy corydoras (55g) started with but moved---> 2 female bettas (15 gallon split tank) started...
  4. L

    What is this white spot

    He acts normal eats normal …tank parameters in check and is a 5year old cycled tank
  5. G

    DGD In Honey Gourami?

    Tl;dr - Is it possible for Honeys to get DGD? Does the attached image accurately represent DGD? Over the past few months, I've been buying Honeys and "Red Honey" gourami from my LFS. I wanted to buy Dwarfs originally but I was warned off by users here (thanks!) due to the prevalence of DGD. The...
  6. E

    Goldfish Disease Identification ?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using an other forum for 5 years but we can’t seem to figure out this problem with my goldfish. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. I’ve had this common goldfish for 6 years. Currently in a 20g cycled aquarium alone with a filter and aerator. Ammonia...
  7. C

    Is my Betta ok?

    I’ve had my Betta about a month now and today I spotted this white/grey stuff on his tail. Is this a sign of disease? Or has he just got something stuck on there? His behaviour has not changed, he is still swimming around, eating and coming to the front of his tank to be sociable. He has a...
  8. S

    Disease ID help

    My arowana has a strange bump on his back, anyone know what it could be?
  9. K

    Unknown illness

    I have a Beta fish he was perfectly fine when I got him a month after I noticed he had this white fuzz and this fluff isn't fluffy so I took ot the internet and Facebook and even is telling me that it's bacterial and fungal so I I treated him with melafix and salt off and on for three weeks till...
  10. G

    Platy spinning around

    Hi guys, My platy seems to swim fast while spinning around erratically. It was all fine and well till today morning... water quality is good...the other 2 platies and other fishes seem to be fine. I have isolated him in a bowl with 2 drops of Melaflix. but he is still spinning around...
  11. Oman

    Dead betta - not sure of cause

    Hi guys, pretty sad day, my male fighter (bean) who was just starting get some really cool koi patterns just died, I only noticed him acting lethargic and not eating a day or 2 ago. And the redness pictured has slowly developed, since yesterday, getting really big today. pH, ammonia and nitrite...
  12. Dopatri

    Was my guppy fish suffering from disease?

    Hi, I’m wondering if I can have some opinions on what really happened to my female guppy! I bought her 3 days ago from a fish store and was told she was carrying, and would give birth to fry soon. However, upon observing her for the past two days I must say I was wondering whether she really was...
  13. B

    OMG!! Please help me and my Banjo!

    so basically i moved him to my corydora breeder i think it all started by getting nipped by my semi aggressive yo yo loaches, giving the catfish its stress. There after a week went by i gave half doses of melafix. Then i started to notice huge white sore on him, they are so big i almost...
  14. J

    Disease Chiclid

    I have had a 60 gallon tank of Chiclids for about 10 years. I recently had two of them come down with a slime and what appears to maybe be Ick. I also noticed an increase in Algea growth on the decorations is this hurting my fish or is the Algea ok. I have used a dose of super ick cure and...
  15. H

    Unknown Red Blotch

    I noticed yesterday a bright blood red blotch directly on top of my female Tiger Teddies head. I don’t know what this can be. Any ideas? I have a few ideas but want to be sure before I start medicating. Don’t want to loose this pair as they are more rare to find.
  16. H

    White spots on Guorami for the last month?

    Hello, I just bought a powder blue dwarf guorami a month ago. The day after I put her in the quarantine tank 4 white specks appeared. I’ve treating her steady with Paraguard (didn’t work), imagitarium parasite remedy, and currently ick-attack. In the one month I have only seen one speck...
  17. D

    Help! Unidentified disease on guppy

    Hello! I got a few guppies from my local fish store a few days ago and had to add them to my main fish tank without quarantining them because I can't afford a quarantine tank. Sure enough...just a few days after one of the guppies quickly developed this odd disease and symptoms. The back half of...
  18. LexiLex888

    3 Guppies dead, is this a disease?

    So two nights ago I realized that one of my guppies had died. I didn’t see anything wrong and I figured that it was just of old age or something since he was an old fish. Then another one died and another! I have recently added two new lamp-eye tetras (in addition to my one already in the tank)...
  19. F

    Ich in planted tank with rcs

    hi all, My betta started to show signs of ich and so I treated it last week with esta exit to no avail, I then treated it again a few days ago with both esta exit and 2000 as this is supposedly more effective yet this has clearly not worked. I had the temp raised as well so I am now giving up...