cycle tank

  1. M

    New to the hobby new tank already purchased fish

    I set up my tank a couple of days ago and was not supposed to get a fish until my tank had finished cycling. However, one trip to the pet store to get some supplies I kind of fell in love with one specific betta. With some peer pressure I ended up purchasing him. I still want to do a fishless...
  2. J

    Fritz pro ammonium chloride. Is it good for cycling my tank?

    So I just set up a 29 gallon aquarium and I am In the process of cycling it. I have just been throwing in fish food to get the ammonia started and I’ve been dosing it with seachem stability. I was thinking about maybe just adding actual ammonia to get it going quicker. Has anyone used this stuff...
  3. ElizabethFrancine

    Help Out Of Bad Advice

    Hello, there.  Me and my family are new to keeping fish.  We bought a ten gallon aquarium for 6 guppies and 4 danios.  I asked about 100 questions, but the "fish expert" at the store told us that all we needed to do was add water conditioner and change the filter when the water started getting...