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  1. R

    Help, Emergency fry tank setup

    So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m wondering if someone can give me some advice. I have a pregnant swordtail in my 20gallon community tank and I also have a pair of (what I believe to be) sunset thicklipped gourami’s, which up until yesterday were in my community tank. However a couple of fish had...
  2. J

    No Ammonia, no nitrites, or nitrates after 3 weeks fish-in cycle.

    I'm currently cycling my planted 29 gallon tank going in to week 3 now. And there's no detectable ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates with my API master kit. The kit is not expired and is reading nitrates and nitrites on my other aquarium. I let the tank run for about two weeks use with some bio...
  3. V

    Are these good results for almost 2 weeks into cycling?

    Ammonia used to be at like 1 but now it's back to nothing. Maybe because I've been a little sloppy and forgetful with adding it. I added more after these results.
  4. V

    Fish supply fail (Pls read fully)

    I wanted to get a test kit the most, but the store was sold out of freshwater master test kits. I asked my dad to go to another store, but he refused so I was stuck with what I could get. All the bottles of Prime left were tiny, so I got Aqueon water conditioner instead. Because there weren't...
  5. V

    Do you still have to cycle if adding all the water from other, established tank?

    My other tank could fill up my new small tank, would it still need cycling?
  6. joeishere

    Should I "recycle" my tank?

    So I've been thinking about getting about a 3 gallon tank for some yellow cherry shrimp and some snails. My girlfriend already had a 3 gallon that she is willing to give me, that she has already cycled. But she hasn't touched it in awhile or fed the bacteria. So I was wondering should I...
  7. P

    fish-IN cycle stalled or steadily progressing?

    hello, I've been cycling a 29 gallon tank since 2-26-21 and i added several zebra danios a few days later after adding TSS+ and yes i know the fish-in method isn't a method ill do again as i am currently cycling 2 other tanks with pure ammonia (another 29 gallon and a 10 gallon QT tanks.) i...
  8. M

    New to the hobby new tank already purchased fish

    I set up my tank a couple of days ago and was not supposed to get a fish until my tank had finished cycling. However, one trip to the pet store to get some supplies I kind of fell in love with one specific betta. With some peer pressure I ended up purchasing him. I still want to do a fishless...
  9. J

    Fritz pro ammonium chloride. Is it good for cycling my tank?

    So I just set up a 29 gallon aquarium and I am In the process of cycling it. I have just been throwing in fish food to get the ammonia started and I’ve been dosing it with seachem stability. I was thinking about maybe just adding actual ammonia to get it going quicker. Has anyone used this stuff...
  10. ElizabethFrancine

    Help Out Of Bad Advice

    Hello, there.  Me and my family are new to keeping fish.  We bought a ten gallon aquarium for 6 guppies and 4 danios.  I asked about 100 questions, but the "fish expert" at the store told us that all we needed to do was add water conditioner and change the filter when the water started getting...