1. thebeccatron

    Planaria worms?

    Hey, Panicking! I cleaned my tank a few days ago, still trying to get back on track from my last issue (water pump turning the water cloudy, has since been removed). I assumed the water was still cloudy or that I'd somehow got dust in the tank, however on closer inspection...THE DUST IS...
  2. hudsona85

    Tips On This Rock?

    I apologize in advance for the somewhat long post. I went to one of my favorite LFS and as usual oohing, ahhing, and drooling over the fish. I proceeded to ask one of the guys there I've known for a good while about the slate rocks they carry. I wanted to put some in my 75gal to help create the...
  3. GriffinC18

    Cleaning Your Tank

    Hey everyone, I have kept fish for several years now and have always cleaned my tanks by hand. I would do water changes regularly and then about two times a month, i would clean the rocks and get all the nasties that were in bottom of the tank out (crap). I recently tried to convert my sub to...
  4. GuppyGirl20

    Gravel Cleaning?

    So I have a siphon that I use to go my water changes with. I stick it in the gravel to get the gross stuff out and everything but I've noticed my gravel looks a little dirty (like in coloration as in dirt is stuck to it kind of way). To clean gravel do you just scoop some out and give it a...
  5. GuppyGirl20

    Cleaning Tips

    I plan on giving my tank a light cleaning when I move back home for the summer. Can anyone give me any tips? I cant take the gravel out because of my plants but the glass looks like it could use a light scrub (I have a snail but it looks like there is little bits of algae in the glass he cant...
  6. cocoa007

    Tank Cleaning Routine ?

    Hi,   I have a 30 L cube tank with 4 guppies in it. One hang at back filter, fine gravel and one pvc pipe. No plant yet. I do a 10-15 % water change every 5  days.  Do I need to clean the tank or anything in it ? If yes then what do I need to clean and how ?
  7. G

    How To Clean A 5 Gallon Fish Tank?

    Recently I posted a topic asking what fish I should put in my one gallon fish bowl, and all the answers insisted I get at least a five gallon tank for my next betta fish. I would be totally okay with purchasing a five gallon fish tank, but I'm not sure how to clean a tank that big! I would...
  8. mrstwalker

    Tank Cleaning Questions.. Help!

    My husband and I usually siphon all of our tanks once a week, one of our female platys has been giving birth for about 2 weeks now. 11 of these babies are safe in a breeder box but we know there are more fry in the tank. Is it okay to just do water changes and not siphon the tank for a while...
  9. Y

    Slime On Aquarium Glass

    So I have this translucent slime film developing all across my aquarium glass you an really see it except for the little bubbles trapped around it, and I have orangish looking algae growing on my marine rock as well in the main tank, Is this something to be worried about? 
  10. GuppyGirl20

    Help With Cleaning Planted Area Of Tank

    So I have a 5 gallon tank with two plants in the back. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to clean around the plants. I'm scared to get my siphon too close that I might accidentally suck up their roots or something. Have any tips???
  11. K

    Terrapin Water Level?

    Hello, So recently I started to wonder about my terrapins, one red eared male and another unidentified female. Firstly: How high should the water level be? I usually use 2 buckets full, it's a big glass tank. This brings it to about two centimetres over their shells. Is this enough water...
  12. M

    Cleaning Glass With Fish In

    Hi guys, when u clean the aquarium glass on the inside,  can u do it with the fish in and do they mind? 
  13. barlow1984

    Filter Media, Sponges And Wool

    I've had my tank for 3 months and am wondering how often the sponges and the wool they sit on should be changed? I have 2 trays in my filter, in addition they have ceramic noodles underneath.   I read that the noodles should be replaced annually and that I should alternate the replacement of the...