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  1. Puffer_Nat

    Cherry Shrimp General Questions

    Hi, I'm sure most of my questions have been asked before but please forgive me, I'm new and I'm not navigating the forums so well!   Anyway, I'm looking into setting up a shrimp tank and after a little looking around I'm quite taken with cherry shrimps but I have a few questions which my...
  2. tmoney7

    Cherry Shrimp Breeding

    So i have some cherry shrimp and i can see a saddle on one of them very easily so i'm guessing it wont be to long before she has her eggs.  I was just wondering how long they usually stay buried when laying their eggs
  3. tmoney

    Enough Food For My Cherry Shrimp?

    I have six red cherry shrimp that i just got a couple of days ago in a 10 gal strictly for the shrimp.  i have a fist sized clump of java moss in there and i was just wondering if that and some algae with some crushed up fish flakes every so often was enough or whether i should be feeding them...
  4. tmoney

    Cherry Shrimp In A 10Gal

    I plan on getting about 10-20 cherry shrimp for my 10 gallon tank because i have found that that is one of the only things that will safely fit in my tank and still look kinda cool.  do they like or prefer any kinds of plants or anything like that and how often are they going to breed.
  5. T

    Beginners To Tropical Fish, All Was Going Well...

    Hi guys, First off a thankyou to the forum for providing myself and family with great info and advice while we begin this journey into the tropical fish keeping world. We started 2 weeks ago with a trip to our local stockists, we were persuaded (mainly by the dazzling lights and pretty...