cherry shrimp

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  1. S

    Red Cherry Shrimp - Beginner who doesn't want them to breed

    Hi All I have a Nano tank (21 litre/5 gallon) which I've had many challenges with previously, which, due to tragedy, is now empty again. I've decided to give myself a fair number of months to sit down and put together everything I've learned so far, but also carry out more research knowing...
  2. R

    Idle, inactive cherry shrimp

    I bought some cherry shrimp for the first time recently, got 5 of them from a LFS. I've put them in a tank with otos, CPDS and Amanos. I've been keeping amanos for a while with great success, so I figured I was ready. This tank is only 10g, but its well over 3 years old. It's heavily filtered...
  3. S

    how to lower tds for shrimp tank? (also preggie shrimpy, tips please? :>?)

    Hello! im a new shrimp owner (cherry shrimps) i recently found out two of my females is pregnant. i dont want to see anymore pregnant shrimp dying because it happened before (only once and it was traumatic ) im worried if my water TDS will effect their pregnancies since mine is over 300ppm. I...
  4. Circus

    My Tanks!

    In my circus of an apartment I have several small and medium tanks. This will be a collection of pics of my tanks and fish. This first one is of the fish in my "Red" tank. It has cherry shrimp, ember tetra, a female betta, and temporarily some pygmy corydoras.
  5. cmhassinger

    Does my Red Rili Shrimp have a disease?

    So a few days ago I noticed my shrimp has some yellowing under his shell. At first my thought was it’s the fish food but after looking at it I guess that’s not possible because of where it is? Maybe this is a silly question but I just want to make sure he is ok and doesn’t have a disease.
  6. cmhassinger

    Cherry shrimp dropped eggs

    So I have two shrimp one cherry and one what I thought/was told was a Amano shrimp. I didn’t know the sexes but one day I saw a sac of yellow eggs on a leaf. After research I now know my cherry is a female but from reading online they can’t breed with a Amano shrimp? My sucker fish ate the eggs...
  7. Alexandriel

    Color Rating for Cherry Shrimp?

    Hello! I just got a handful of cherry shrimp from a friend, and I plan to reach out to the local pet store to see if they will give me any in store credit for all the shrimp babies once these guys start reproducing. They are all a nice solid red (in my rather uneducated opinion), but I was...
  8. H

    Tank Help

    so im pretty new to the aquariam hobby but i want to get an African Dwarf Frog. ive done tons of research and think im ready. however i was wondering some things. i want to get a 10 gallon tank recommendations for best heater and filter for ADF? Also do the plants need to be real, and if so...
  9. A


    Hi, I currently have a male betta veil tail in a 3 gallon tank and he is fairly docile and tame. I've only ever owned my betta because I took him in after having to use a betta fish in a somewhat cruel and cramped ecocolumn experiment at school. I've been wanting to upgrade him to a bigger tank...
  10. E

    my new cherry shrimp are swimming non stop.

    I just bought 5 cherry shrimp for my 125 liter tank and the tank is well cycled and the temp Ph etc. are in range of what cherry shrimp need but they are still swimming around nonstop and i dont think the female has shed but i dont know for sure, does anyone else know what behaviour this is?
  11. L

    Betta attacking cherry shrimp, what can i do?

    Hello, Ive had my male betta for around 2 months now. I decided to get 5 cherry shrimp for the betta tank. On the first day the betta did not appear to be attacking the shrimp and was just following them around and looking at them. Now it has been 3 days and I have witnessed my betta attacking...
  12. A

    Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp

    Hi everybody, A couple of days ago I found out that one of my female berried cherry shrimp is pregnant. This is my first time experiencing this so I have a few questions. 1. I have a heavily planted tank, with five guppies (who are very curious about the shrimp and usually scavenge for food down...
  13. K

    Fish dying for no reason??

    I have recently been having trouble with my tank. I have a 54 litre tropical tank which I keep a betta, harlequin rasbora and many cherry shrimp in there. But today, I have found 5 shrimp dead and every day I’m finding at least one shrimp dead. I’ve lost 4 harlequin rasboras as I noticed that...
  14. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it.
  15. twintanks

    Can Cherry Shrimp Lose Their Colour?

    When I first set my tank up last November, I included four cherry shrimp. They were then very tiny, but all of them were pinky-red. Since then, they have spent a fair bit of time in the Fluval-filter bracket, although they do come out on occasions. Just recently I spotted one of them pedalling...
  16. twintanks

    Shrimps In Filter

    When I stocked my new tank a couple of weeks ago (after cycling, of course), I had not been considering having shrimps. Then I saw these cute little things scuttling about on the tank floors in the local fish shop and decided to have four. Now, I think they're cherry shrimps (I did look at the...
  17. Mamashack

    R. O. Water And Salty Shrimp For Blueberry Neocaridina Heteropoda

    Some of you may know that I recently bought some Blueberry Neocaridina heteropoda (cherry shrimp) As their name suggests they are blue rather than red. The guy I bought them from at Kesgrave Tropicals has said something very strange and unexpected - having an email conversation over 2 weeks...
  18. B

    Cherry Shrimp And Ghost Shrimp

    I was wondering if ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp can live in the same tank? I have five small cherry shrimp and would like to add more shrimp if they don't get much larger. 
  19. A

    Berried Cherry Red Shrimp

    Hi everyone! Since moving a few of my cherry shrimp into a tank with my baby guppys I have noticed this morning that Mrs Chilli has green eggs under her tail! I was just wondering how it works exactly. Will she bury her eggs in the sand or carry them around with her? What are some tips for...
  20. monahan95

    Cherry Shrimp Tank Mate Suggestions?

    Hi guys, I am going to be purchasing a 60l aquarium in the next couple of weeks and my plan is to focus the whole aquarium around red cherry shrimp . Obviously it's going to take a little while to fully cycle the tank to get it ready for cherry shrimp, but until then i've been trying to do my...