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  1. Ingrid

    What is this white stuff ?

    I bought this wood a few weeks ago from a reputable supplier and now there is white stuffed growing on it . Should I be concerned and what is it ?:thanks:
  2. RCA

    Bogwood, How To Prepare To Remove Snails And Not Kill Plants...

    I have a stunning piece of Bogwood, that has small tufts of most likely an algae on it. I am having to shut down my lovely planted aquarium for a move. I am dipping all plants in Potassium Permanganate to ensure I kill any snail eggs, as they have got out of control. Research has not...
  3. monahan95

    Snail Eggs?

    I have had these white spots all over my bogwood since I got my 2 red spotted snails and my zebra snail, can someone please tell me, are these snails eggs? and am I going to have an infestation on my hands?
  4. ADW1988

    Complete Overhaul Of 60 L Tank

    I'm going for a complete overhaul of my tank. (Ive actually started a previous thread regarding substrate change, so apologies, hope this isn't too much of a duplicate)   ATM I have a 60L Marina tank with you run of the mill Pets at home décor. It's great but fancy a change for the better of my...
  5. RossC

    Bogwood And Redmoor For Sale - West Midlands

    Equipment make/model/size: Bogwood and Redmoor Wood, sizes shown in images  Quantity for sale: 4 pieces Reason for Sale: No longer used Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £10 per piece of wood Postage & Packaging: Collection only Location: WS8, West Midlands Photographs: Please...
  6. C

    Dwarf Puffer Help?

    Hi there :D i have a 5g tank already cycled, it has sand gravel a filter and heater, what plants are good? I was thinking of a moss ball and afew others only having 1 puffer can i have bog wood? Also can i get a snail to breed that gives birth ALOT that the puffer can just eat from? What snail...
  7. Noahh

    Natural Looking Tank Set Up

    Hi all,   I've just moved from a 50 litre tank to a 200 litre which is currently cycling.   I'm hoping to create a well planted community tank filled with small schools of small fish.   Plants so far: Egeria Densa Green Cabomba Bacopa Monnieri Dwarf Sagittara   Fish so far: 1 x Female...
  8. M

    Surely This Isn't Right... (Ph)

    So last weekend in preparation for my new aquarium (which arrived today) I brought some wood, bog or drift not sure can't remember and have been soaking it in a plastic box for 6days... Now I'm about to start setting up my aquarium I tested the water in the container and it was close to PH 5...
  9. K

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm Kirstie and I've been keeping fish for about 3 years. I have recently upgraded my tank to a 110 litre one and added bogwood as I've always wanted a bristlenose. I currently have 3 danios (2 zebra and 1 pearl), 2 corydoras sterbai, 2 female platys and 6 baby platys. I'm sure I'll have...
  10. conrad9900

    420L Planted Co2 Injected Custom Tank!

    build log.... Tank: custom 400l bow front tank Size: 150cm(l)x50cm(w)x60cm(h) Filter: JBL cristalprofi 1500e(1500l/h) Hood: custom hood Light: custom dual light unit Stand: Light Mahogany 150x50x70 Tank floor: JBL manado substrate 25kg/JBL pro flora fertilizer soil 10kg/Fine white sand 25kg...
  11. SELINA


    My tank has been set up like 6 months now, and still looks really really bare. I've got sand as my substrate, and a bubble wall with green LED's along the back wall. Got a Cambodian theme going on, with a temple and a lion/dog type statue (if anyone knows where I can pick up more of this kind of...
  12. D

    Bogwood Online?

    Hi guys, I'm after some good sized bogwood and none of my lfs stock anything worth buying. does anyone know of any online places that are worth a look? I'm sure it's been covered somewhere before but can't find anything relevant. Thanks