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  1. S

    Large cichlid tank possible parasite?

    Silly question. I have a large cichlid tank with oscars, a blood parrot, and a green terror. I saw this floating across the tank and I was wondering if this was a worm or a parasite? I thought I saw it wiggle but it could have been from the filter current. I have a video of it but not sure how...
  2. abegonzalez0221


    Hi, I have this really shy parrot fish and i’ve had her for almost a month now, she’s still really shy. She’s in my 55 with a few juvenile rainbows, they all get along fine. I was looking at her today and noticed she had a really small white marking on her fin (see picture below) but I’m really...
  3. I

    aquarium sand types

    I recently got 4 blood parrots, and they seemed to really like pushing things around the tank, so I threw in a couple of pebbles, which they like. i’ve been told that these blood parrots like digging sand, and I would like to know which type of sand fits best for these fishes, their ease of...
  4. Guyb93

    Accidentally changed my tank

    Ok my good nature has once again upset my tank , a friend / co worker bought a fish tank being a noob to the hobby bought all the fish with his tank , I tried to give advice but being late at night he had no way of getting the stuff he needed so the best advice I could give him was the fish are...
  5. Goosegrl2019

    Baby snails in blood parrot cichlid tank

    40 gallon with a blood parrot & 2 mystery snails. I found babies this morning, can they live in the tank together??
  6. Goosegrl2019

    Blood parrot cichlid sick

    Hi, I'm angie, I'm new but have been reading threads & wondering if u can help me. My adopted 4 year old blood parrot is I'll. Shes been in a 37 gal w me for 3 months after being in 75 gal. I put her in 55 gal 4 days ago & added 2 gouramis that may have given her white fungus. The parrot has a...
  7. M

    Soon to adopt 2 mature blood parrots- any advice please?

    Hi everyone! I am getting a 240 litre Aqua One Aquatica tank delivered next week, to house 2 BP I fell in love with at my local fish store. They were trade-ins that had been sitting in a small holding tank at the store for months. Apparently they were badly neglected and sick when they came to...
  8. R

    Blood parrot cichlid in 20 gallon long?

    Hello! im fairly new too the hobby, i own a betta. i have one 20 gallon tank and i really like blood parrot cichlids, could i house one BP in a 20 gallon long? because i know they can grow up to 8 inches and thats how big fancy goldfish can grown, and they're minimum is 20 gallons, If not thats...
  9. S


    Hi All I have 1x Male FM which is around 4 1/2 in a 200 Litre - 45 Gallon tank. Would it be OK to add smaller FM into the tank? I was also looking at adding another Cichlids species but looks to be a lot of mixed reviews. Anyone offer any good tips? I was advised Blood Parrot would be OK with...
  10. M

    Are Hikari Blood Red Parrot pellets okay for Oscars and Silver Dollars too?

    I have a 65-gallon tank with an Oscar, two Blood Parrots and a couple of Silver Dollars. They are barely into their teens now (in fish years, that is), so I don't think I need a bigger tank just yet. I bought a 500 gm pack of Hikari Blood Red Parrot pellets recently -- apparently, they're...
  11. J

    Firemouth Cichlid problem

    I have recently started a fish tank which is a 40 gallon feeder that currently has 3 blood parrots, 2 jewel cichlids, 2 firemouths, 3 red zebras and 2 Mainganos. They are all fairly small. However one of the Firemouths seemed to immediately be tentative, but otherwise seemed fine. Then, 4...
  12. P

    Blood Parrot Gill Disease Help!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm desperate to find a cure for my Blood Parrot Cichlids.   I've been taking care of my Blood Parrots for almost two years now (in a 30 gallon tank), and two days ago, two of them has passed away. (The smaller ones). Before they died, I noticed they were lethargic...
  13. R

    Video My Parrot Fishes And Black Ghost Knife

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feMpMUn2Nwc&feature=youtu.be   The above is a video of my 2 Blood Parrots and Black Ghost Knife feeding. Enjoy the video guys. :) Tell me if you like it.
  14. kiwi210

    Blood Parrot Problems

    One of my blood parrots has become very sick looking. He still dark in color because he is still juvenile but he has developed a large white spot near his caudal fin. His fins are torn but there are no evidence of bite marks. My blood parrots have recently spawned but were obviously unsuccessful...
  15. F

    Introducing Fish? Jd W/ Brp

    I currently have a solitary 7 inch Jack Dempsey Cichlid in my 55 gal, I just put my 3 inch Parrot in with the Dempsey. Do you think this will work out? They've been together for 2 hours and no one has fought yet.  
  16. L

    Blood Parrot Fish And Shrimp

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new here - I've kept freshwater tropical fish for years now, but I'm thinking about changing up the contents of my tank.  I have two plecos and a blood parrot fish, and I wanted to know if the parrot would eat the cherry red shrimp that I want to add, and also if he will...
  17. C

    Help! Dont Know What To Do!

    Okay so hoping for some advice as i dont know what to do. So i am going to add all the info I can to help. I have a 30 gallon tank with 2 blood parrots. I have fake plants, rocks, gravel and a cave for them. I started this in december. No new fish or chemicals added to tank. There tank is 74...