1. Connershawzz

    Introducing cherry shrimp for Bichir food.

    my bichir are big enough now that want to start feeding live food , I don’t like blood worms cause they are to messy. I want to add cherry shrimp into my tank. Hoping they will breed and act as a sustainable food source. So my questions are , how many should i add? Is there a better type of...
  2. Connershawzz

    Bichir growing nice and big

    My bichir have been with me for probably about a month I have a Senegal and a Delhezi , then a ansorgi who has been here for almost 2 weeks. Only problem I’ve had has been the Senegal biting the others tails , worried me for a sec cause the delhezi got an infection from the open wound. But...
  3. Connershawzz

    She’s finally back in bussiness

    Took a while but finally got my baby cycled and looking good again. Oli (the Senegal) and Eli (the delhezi) are loving it. I wanted to wait till my plants were grown more but they were in my 10 gal swordtail tank so they were getting stressed. Love the look of sand compared to the gravel I had...
  4. Connershawzz

    Best place to buy fish online?

    My birthday is coming up and being an adult , when my parents ask what I want I never know. I’ve since picked up this hobby. So now I want fish. Specifically bichir. I just need to know a good website to buy bichir off of! Super excited for this so I’d be so sad if I got it dead lol. Thank !
  5. Connershawzz

    Bichir growth rate/age

    Just got my second bichir. He’s quite a bit fatter than my first , I’m just wondering if anyone could help me maybe determine how old mine are and tips with feeding and BOOSTING growth rate. Cause I’m seeing videos of people senegals that are HUGE compared to mine I’m doing 2 40% WC a week...
  6. Connershawzz

    New to this! Got my tank about 4 months ago have a few questions!

    Hi , just posting a hello. With a few questions , I recently upgraded from a 10 gallon tank to a 36 gallon. So of course I got more fish , I’ve been super into bichirs so it’s become my new focus. I bought a new one and the people at the store have been feeding him blood worms (I’ve been wanting...
  7. W

    Tank size Advice needed

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on what sized tank I need. I’ve been keeping fish for many years and decided it’s time to finally invest in my biggest tank yet for a predator fish I am aiming on buying 2-3 Bichirs (my dream fish) as well as some large tank mates such as Oscars, maybe even a...
  8. E

    Elephant Nose and Bichir Tank Mate Discussion

    Hello all. I am going to be getting a bichir (either Senegal or Delhzi) along with an Elephant Nose Fish. They will start in my rectangular 75 gallon tank. I was hoping to get some advice on what else can go in the tank? I was looking at the following: Gourami's - any thoughts? Angelfish or...
  9. I Like Rare Fish

    Bichir with a light patch on side

    Hi, my Delhezi Bichir has a light patch on his back. It’s obvious. No ammonia, nitrite, and 15 nitrates. It just appeared on him. @Colin_T
  10. S

    ID BICHIR? PLS? :(:

    Anyone knows what type of Bichir this 2.5 inch baby is? Have had it for like 3-4 weeks now
  11. S

    Tank Size Question?

    I keep many tanks at home and I just bought a baby endlicheri bichir a month ago. I just moved back to college for my second semester and I decided it would be cool to take my new baby bichir with me. Right now it’s in a 10 gallon tank all by itself at home. It’s about 3.5 inches right now and I...
  12. S

    Bichir Eye Fungus?

    I was wondering if my new bichir I bought has an eye fungus? I bought it a month ago and it’s currently in a 10 gallon tank by itself. The tank used to have my feeder guppies in it so it was all set and cycled when but then all of the guppies disappeared after a couple of weeks and I’m pretty...
  13. Captain holt

    Oscar tank setups

    Would love some aqua scaping inspiration! Post photos of your Oscar tanks below :) This is mine currently. 5ft x 1.5ft x1.5ft. Home to: - 1 Oscar (Rudy) - 1 Senegal bichir (Bruce) - 1 albino sailfin pleco (Boris īī ) A wee bit on the small side but everyone seems happy :)
  14. Juliak

    Black Ghost Knife Fish and Bichir Tank Size Suggestions

    I recently bought a 2" black ghost knife fish. As of right now, he is in a 60 gallon aquarium with my 2 Senegal bichirs (3-4"), 2 rope fish (12"), 2 giant danios (2"), 1 dojo loach (5"), and 3 adult bronze corys. Most of the fish in this tank (bichirs, rope fish, and BGK fish are very calm and...
  15. M

    Oscars Tankmates to Datnoids

    I have a 3 months old datnoid and 2 months old bichir and were tankmates for 3 months now and have kept both of them on a 100 gallons standard size tank. I was planning to add some more fishes and I came across with oscars. An Albino Red, Tiger, and Red oscars which are all on 2x2 sizes. I have...
  16. MimiDawn

    Hi there! I'm Mimi

    I'm Mimi. I USED TO kinda view fishies as living decor BUT after a few decades of keeping them, I look at my aquatic babies just the same as my fur babies. ... even right there, behind my Epilepsy Service Dog. I can even pet them, kiss them through the glass and hand feed them. I currently...
  17. ameliagb

    bichir fin question

    hi all! so as you know ive got 2 senegal bichirs, my grey one is growing like crazy and is honestly quite the bully during feeding time. ever since i changed the tank layout though my albino has been very active and exploratory and growing nicely albeit slowly. I noticed this week while watching...
  18. E

    90 gallon tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  19. E

    What fish should go with my Senegal Bichir?

    I am currently planning to stock a 90 gallon tank. It is currently completely empty, and filtration isn’t a problem, because I am willing to add more if needed. I am planning to put a Senegal bichir, but I don’t know what other fish should go in as well. I am interested in ropefish and Congo...
  20. E

    What type of Oddball can I keep in my 36 gallon bowfront?

    I have the tank fully cycled, it’s been running for a couple years without problems. I am planning on moving the current stock into a new 50 gallon tank. Is there any oddballs, such as bichirs, that could be kept in my 36 gallon tank?