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  1. W

    Tank size Advice needed

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on what sized tank I need. I’ve been keeping fish for many years and decided it’s time to finally invest in my biggest tank yet for a predator fish I am aiming on buying 2-3 Bichirs (my dream fish) as well as some large tank mates such as Oscars, maybe even a...
  2. E

    Elephant Nose and Bichir Tank Mate Discussion

    Hello all. I am going to be getting a bichir (either Senegal or Delhzi) along with an Elephant Nose Fish. They will start in my rectangular 75 gallon tank. I was hoping to get some advice on what else can go in the tank? I was looking at the following: Gourami's - any thoughts? Angelfish or...
  3. I Like Rare Fish

    Bichir with a light patch on side

    Hi, my Delhezi Bichir has a light patch on his back. It’s obvious. No ammonia, nitrite, and 15 nitrates. It just appeared on him. @Colin_T
  4. S

    ID BICHIR? PLS? :(:

    Anyone knows what type of Bichir this 2.5 inch baby is? Have had it for like 3-4 weeks now
  5. S

    Tank Size Question?

    I keep many tanks at home and I just bought a baby endlicheri bichir a month ago. I just moved back to college for my second semester and I decided it would be cool to take my new baby bichir with me. Right now it’s in a 10 gallon tank all by itself at home. It’s about 3.5 inches right now and I...
  6. S

    Bichir Eye Fungus?

    I was wondering if my new bichir I bought has an eye fungus? I bought it a month ago and it’s currently in a 10 gallon tank by itself. The tank used to have my feeder guppies in it so it was all set and cycled when but then all of the guppies disappeared after a couple of weeks and I’m pretty...
  7. Captain holt

    Oscar tank setups

    Would love some aqua scaping inspiration! Post photos of your Oscar tanks below :) This is mine currently. 5ft x 1.5ft x1.5ft. Home to: - 1 Oscar (Rudy) - 1 Senegal bichir (Bruce) - 1 albino sailfin pleco (Boris īī ) A wee bit on the small side but everyone seems happy :)
  8. Juliak

    Black Ghost Knife Fish and Bichir Tank Size Suggestions

    I recently bought a 2" black ghost knife fish. As of right now, he is in a 60 gallon aquarium with my 2 Senegal bichirs (3-4"), 2 rope fish (12"), 2 giant danios (2"), 1 dojo loach (5"), and 3 adult bronze corys. Most of the fish in this tank (bichirs, rope fish, and BGK fish are very calm and...
  9. M

    Oscars Tankmates to Datnoids

    I have a 3 months old datnoid and 2 months old bichir and were tankmates for 3 months now and have kept both of them on a 100 gallons standard size tank. I was planning to add some more fishes and I came across with oscars. An Albino Red, Tiger, and Red oscars which are all on 2x2 sizes. I have...
  10. MimiDawn

    Hi there! I'm Mimi

    I'm Mimi. I USED TO kinda view fishies as living decor BUT after a few decades of keeping them, I look at my aquatic babies just the same as my fur babies. ... even right there, behind my Epilepsy Service Dog. I can even pet them, kiss them through the glass and hand feed them. I currently...
  11. ameliagb

    bichir fin question

    hi all! so as you know ive got 2 senegal bichirs, my grey one is growing like crazy and is honestly quite the bully during feeding time. ever since i changed the tank layout though my albino has been very active and exploratory and growing nicely albeit slowly. I noticed this week while watching...
  12. E

    90 gallon tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  13. E

    What fish should go with my Senegal Bichir?

    I am currently planning to stock a 90 gallon tank. It is currently completely empty, and filtration isn’t a problem, because I am willing to add more if needed. I am planning to put a Senegal bichir, but I don’t know what other fish should go in as well. I am interested in ropefish and Congo...
  14. E

    What type of Oddball can I keep in my 36 gallon bowfront?

    I have the tank fully cycled, it’s been running for a couple years without problems. I am planning on moving the current stock into a new 50 gallon tank. Is there any oddballs, such as bichirs, that could be kept in my 36 gallon tank?
  15. animalisterra

    stocking for 75 gallon

    I will soon be getting a 75 gallon tank. I am planning on putting a Senegal Bichir in it and have been trying to find possible tankmates for it. I was thinking of Dwarf Petricola catfish, Neolamprologus Bricari, Neolamprologus leleupi, Julidochromis, and maybe an African knife fish. I was also...
  16. sawickib

    Ornate And Endlicheri Bichir For Sale Or Trade, Fl

    Age and condition: Ornate is id say 4-7 years old and endlicheri and fire eel about 1 year old Quantity for sale: 2/3 Reason for Sale: needs a bigger home Delivery or Collection: collection  Sales price: 100$ or trade   Willing to Ship (Yes or No): no Postage & Packaging Price: n/a...
  17. jangjang

    Multiple Predator Fishes In A Tank

    Hi everyone..    I am new with fishes and starting to get serious in this predator fish thing..   I bought some Predator fishes yesterday, planning to combine it with my Bigger Alligator Gar..   I Bought: (They are all around the same size, except the Albino Bichir) - 1 Spatula Gar - 2 Alligator...
  18. ballons

    Question About Bichir

    Hello, First of all i wanted to ask about bichir. Im kinda new about this thing. I just want to how much time should i feed eat per day. Also, the best food for bichir and btw i dont know about my bichir type. So if anyone have any experience in keeping a bichir, let me know it. Thanks guy :-)