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  1. S

    Translucent Fins

    Good morning everyone! I bet you all get sick of newbies coming in here and panicking about their betta's health, and I am sorry to add to that pile, yet here I am anyway! Attached is a photo of Valentine, a betta I've owned for about 2 weeks. I've noticed now his fins becoming translucent...
  2. kapsey

    Betta Bloat Getting Worse Despite Treatment

    I have a Betta in a 10 gallon planted tank, kept around 78-80 degrees F. I was previously feeding him Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets. He began bloating a few months ago. When I noticed, I stopped feeding him the micro pellets and began feeding him a mix of Mysis, Tetramin Flakes (his previous...
  3. pimudh

    Overbred bettas?

    It's a question that has been going around in my head since my betta died in the start of July. I've finally decided to write about it here. I kept him in an 8g (cycled) planted tank. After a few days I noticed he had a funny swim to him, which I had not noticed at the fish store. There was a...
  4. kapsey

    Health Question - White Spot on Betta’s Head?

    Hello! I’ve got a lovely Betta fish with a strange white spot on the side of his head. I’ve done my best to get photos, but fish are ever hard to photograph. It popped up a month ago and I first thought it was Ich, so I treated the water with Seachem Paraguard for a bit. It faded, came back...
  5. N

    Is my betta sick??

    Water Parameters: Nitrate: 0-10 (I'm going to do a water change today) Nitrite: 0 GH: 120ppm Alkalinity 40-80 (colors were weird) PH 6.8-7 (was weird too) My betta eats just fine and he swims around. It is a 5 gallon planted tank with a heater (temp: 79 °F ) and filter. (dealing with algae at...
  6. W

    I'm scared my fish is going to die.

    Hi, I have a male betta named Morty (almost a year and a half old) who has had a growth on one side of him for some time now. I originally didn't think much of it (or maybe just hoped it was fine?) but it has grown rapidly over time and now he seems to lay down very often. He used to come and...
  7. V

    Shredded, Bloated Betta

    Hi. I'm a new betta owner, and I bought my fish about two months ago. I took care of him for the first month, and he was shy but healthy. After a month of vacation and leaving the fish in my fathers' care, I am very stressed with his new appearance. Although he is happy and friendly, is eating...
  8. S


    Please help! My baby betta looks like she's bleeding on both sides of her head. She is in a heated filtered and cycled 6.5 gal tank with two bronze corydoras.. Her tank is next to my work station at home so I always keep an eye on her and she's never displayed signs of aggression towards the...
  9. G

    BETTA TUMOR?! Help please!

    Hi! I’ve had my betta for about 3 months now and she’s just beautiful. However, when I first got her she had a blue scale right behind her gill which I never thought anything of. I’ve noticed it change over time but today I’ve really noticed just how large it’s actually become. It’s now all...
  10. R

    Betta Help!

    Hello, I need help diagnosing what my betta may have! Tank size: 5g Filtered Water change every 7-10 days Temp 75-80 (heater) Light Lots of plant for hiding My betta was always really active and moving for the first month or so I had it but now it's fins are clamped together and it just...