1. O

    How to Take mineral out of fish tank to soften water

    I have got a 55L tank with two angel fish but when i do a water test the water is to hard what do i need to take mineral out of it to make it more soft
  2. R

    Angel fish female or male HELP

    Hi everyone new here, But I have 3 angel fish and 2 are always together so I thought they was a pair, bit the odd one out keeps going to attack one of the pair which doesn't make sense... I've tried everything to figure out if they're male or female, to try to find out why the odd one keeps...
  3. Ama

    Help me to determine my angel's gender

    How can i identify angel's sex I know it is difficult to identify, could anybody help me to find out?:)
  4. SteakNShrimp

    55g Centerpiece Fish?

    This is what I am planning so far for my 55g tank. - 24 Tiger Barbs - 5 Denison’s - 1 Rainbow Shark - 3 Zebra loaches - 1 Ram (maybe 2) - 2 Pictus Catfish - maybe a school of an undecided Tetra or Rasbora species Any suggestions on a decently large (but not too large) centerpiece fish...
  5. V

    Angelfish red line on fin and white patch on top fin

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but I am worrying about our Angelfish. Basically we have a family tank. It was set up a few weeks ago and we were given 2 angel fish from a friend that looked happy and healthy. We have checked the water quality...
  6. S

    Bigger tank, stocking ideas?

    Our 20 gallon sprang a leak so we got a 36 gallon bowfront. I used water and filter media from my old tank to cycle and it's been two weeks, no losses. It's a planted tank, though some of my swords and anubias from the 20g look puny right now lol. We have: 1 BN albino pleco 3 julli cories (I...
  7. A

    Need Suggestions for New Tank Mates

    I have a 55 gallon fish tank and started out with 2 silver dollars and an angel fish. These fish have been kept for about 2 years and the angel fish previously was very aggressive. Every angel fish we have attempted to add has been killed and many other types. After giving up for a while, we...
  8. T

    36 Gallon Angelfish Advice Please

    Hi, so my mom passed away 2 years ago and i just now decided to try out her passion with fish, I got her 55 gallon goldfish tank up and running with 5 fish in there currently. She had a 36 gallon that had a leak. I just removed the silicone and re sealed it. In a week i'll be looking to fill it...
  9. simonero

    Something Wrong With New Angel?! Hovering At Top Like Needs Oxyge

    I just purchased 2 new baby angels today.  Before putting them in the water I checked my parameters and i have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite.  I changed the water and substrate before putting them in for weekly maintenance, put in stress coat, then opened up the bag from the fish store to set them free...
  10. H

    Angel Changing Colour Instantly

    So just a random question really to see if anyone can tell me the answer. I've noticed when looking at one of my Angels it can turn on and off its black stripes in an instant: is this some sort of camouflage adaptation? I know they often are pale for a while if stressed but this is different...
  11. mrstwalker

    Angel Fish/gourami - Help!

    My husband and I have recently aquired a 55 gal tank. We are rigorously doing research trying to decide on what to stock the tank with.    We are interested in doing around 3-4 angels and 3-4 gourami's in the tank, we have done a lot of research on how these fish do together and for the most...
  12. J

    Angelfish With Prolapse That Looks Infected

    My half-black Angelfish has a pinkish protrusion in what looks like oviposterior area.  I only have 1 angel, and the protrustion is too big to be a sex organ.  The fish is about 3.5 - 4" in diameter.  Its been acting a little sick, hiding somewhat and seemingly less eager to feed at times.   I...
  13. PrincessKiara

    Flake-Eating Pipefish And Angels? Quick Help Please!

    Hello! As some of you may remember, I have a 240L tank with a 100L sump setup, filled with bio-balls. Here are my tank stats: Planted: Somewhat (corkscrew Val, Amazon Sword, hornwort thicket, Elodea, some sort of creeper plant); far more to come soon Decor: One lava-rock arch. No driftwood as of...
  14. Kabernick30

    Stocking Question

    I have a 26 gallon tank with driftwood and a few live plants   i currently have.. 1 albino cory catfish 2 platies 1swordtail 1  black phantom tetra   can i add a school of cherry barbs and an angelfish?   im looking to transition to a semi aggressive tank
  15. AngelAi

    Hello Every One!

    hello every one! I'm new  to the site. and rather new to fish keeping but from learning about breeding betta fish I have learned a few neat tricks and what not. I'm hopping to get into the hobby a bit more. I have around 10 tanks with all kinda fish. some are just grow out tanks for my fry. I'm...
  16. jwalser18

    Needing Some Stocking Advice

    Okay, So here's my delemma.   I had rushed into this hobby about 5 months ago, and didn't know what the hell I was doing. This is probably going to be horrifically long, so i apologize now.   My stocking was: -10g with 6 tiger barbs -20g with 1 convict (f) adult 1(f) 8"red devil...