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  1. Flinkbag

    Green hair AND Blue Green algae in planted tank - please help!

    Hello all, I started this 30l long planted tank about 2 months ago. I have one male Betta and 3 Neons (yes i know you're supposed to have more, they will be moved soon) living in the tank. I left my tanks in the care of my mother over the weekend and unfortunately I think she left the lights on...
  2. E

    Green Tank Water Won't Go Away. Help!!!

    Hey all, I'm writing this because I am absolutely desperate for help. I have green tank water, and I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it, but it just keeps coming back again and again. Are you guys ready, because this is an epic tale with lots of twists and turns and MISTAKES...
  3. M

    Algea Growing On My Plants

    Hi, This is my first attempt at keeping tropical fish and my tank is still in its infancy. I have had the tank running about 3 weeks now and added some hardy fish (as recommended by the shop) after a week of fishless cycling. The fish seem fine however I have a problem with algae especially on...