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  1. V

    Stubborn algae, I've tried everything so it may never go away

    I limit the lighting to 7 hours a day or less, I've tried snails and fish that eat the algae. (I did get shrimp at one point, but I acclimated them wrong and knowing they're that sensitive makes me hesitant to try again) I tried a plastic scraper, magnetic scraper, and an actual sharp blade...
  2. Stefan3289

    Best cleaners for algae?

    Hello all, So I currently have a 29 planted tank that has 10 harlequin Rasboras 8 peppered/green cories (had 10 but 2 passed away, do not know why I believe they were too small to eat some of the food :( 1 peacock Gudgeon I have had some issues with Algae in my tank, specifically brown algae...
  3. Homegrownalgae.jpg


    A special thank you to whoever it was that shared how to make our own algae to sure my otos were fed after they cleaned the tank and would not eat anything else. ("Clean" water from the tank into a bin. Pump of liquid fertilizer, add clean/established rocks/decor, place outside in direct sunlight)
  4. Homegrownalgae.PORTRAIT.jpg


    A special thank you to whoever it was that shared how to make our own algae to sure my otos were fed after they cleaned the tank and would not eat anything else. ("Clean" water from the tank into a bin. Pump of liquid fertilizer, add clean/established rocks/decor, place outside in direct sunlight)
  5. K


    how can I get rid of this pretty thick green algae which is on this moss and some on the plant next to it. (15 gal fluval that has cycled but no livestock in it yet)
  6. B

    Beige see-through spots on plants (pics)

    Hello all! I hope you’re well! I’m currently after some answers as I can’t find them anywhere, I’ve had my planted tropical aquarium roughly 4 months, and yesterday I noticed what appeared to be these see through beige spots on two of my live plants and my seachem ammonia checker which is on the...
  7. V

    I've already tried all the basic recommendations

    I have algae on the walls, decorations, and live plants. I've already tried wiping off the algae, but it wouldn't come off. I have the light on for 7 hours a day. I do regular water changes. I have a snail and some fish that like to pick at the algae. I have a 20 gallon so I can't get any big...
  8. Oblio

    BGA Battle

    I continue to struggle with BGA. It has moved on and abandoned the driftwood (it's original outpost) and now covers most of the gravel substrate at the end of each week. I've reduced lighting in both intensity (60%) and duration (6hrs day, with sunset/sunrise and blue moonlight at other...
  9. D

    Tetra fish tank 105liter

    I have the tetra 105 liter fish tank but i am finding if i have the light on for more than 5 hours my plants glass heater and filter is getting covered in algee anyone had this problem and could tell me of a bettwr light or a fix to get for this thank you
  10. F

    Zebra loaches and amano shrimp? Algae eater suggestions

    Hi, I’m looking for advice as I’m struggling with hair algae in my tank (100cm x 40cm x 50cm) approx 160L/40G. So I’m considering amano shrimp but concerned about my zebra loaches. Plants: I’ve attached a photo so you can see the plants I have and the type of algae growing, it’s mainly the...
  11. CozyCat

    What type of algae is this?

    Hello! Going through the algae waves in my new tank, has been set up for a couple months now. All running smoothly and my cories and 3 guppy gals are doing great. There are a couple types of algae growing on the moss and wood I have in the tank, and I was wondering if anybody knows what kind...
  12. H

    Unknown algae taking over my tank

    Hi all I have had my tropical tank for a year now and things have been stable however over the past month or so i have noticed this red/brown hair like algae growing on my plants/wood and decorations.I try to remove it and the next week it has come back.When looking online and different algae...
  13. C

    Fertilizer Problems / Green Spot Algae

    This conversation originated from this thread, but I moved the discussion here since it's becoming more of an algae problem. Tank setup: eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish 10-gallon tank water temperature: 24-26.5 degC (75-79.7 degF) currently...
  14. Z

    What kind of algae is that?

    Hi Guys, After 1 day of a 80L water change (my tank is 180L), I have seen some dusty of algae in my tank, I thought , "the fish and snails will get rid of it". (I have checked ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, all okay) I reckon it was an spike of phosphate (but how come?) Few days later it looks like...
  15. M

    Worried about Overcrowding and Algae Problems

    I have a planted 10 gallon tank with a betta and three kuhli loaches. The tank is in a sunny spot and green and brown algae is growing rapidly on all surfaces (even the leaves of my plants!) I want to get something to eat the algae, but I'm worried it would overcrowd the tank. I was thinking of...
  16. C

    Does activated carbon ruin my anti algae treatments??

    Hi there For the last two weeks I have been using Api prevent algae to hopefully try and reduce the hair algae I am getting on my dwarf sage but I also have activated carbon in my tank so I am wondering will the carbon render the algae treatment useless like it would with fish medicine?
  17. E

    Indentifying and fighting algae

    Hi guys, Back again with probably yet another rookie problem. I saw some algae growing in my tank a week or 2 ago. Figured it was because I didn't have any algae eaters in the tank so I added some oto's to combat the algae. Fast forward to today and my oto's aren't actually eating the algae...
  18. newmag1659

    Driftwood Fungus is taking over my tank!

    Hi! I have a piece of driftwood that grew driftwood fungus almost immediately about 6 weeks ago. I looked around online and was told to leave it be and it'll go away. Well, it hasn't gone away and has now appeared to spread to my plants. I also have a very thick biofilm that my 3 gardneri...
  19. cmhassinger

    Algae help!

    So for a few months now I have been battling some algae some black and some green. It’s been on the walls and all over the drift wood and plants. It’s killing my plants and now I am worried it’s hurting my fish. I try to scrub it off and it doesn’t really remove easily from plants without...
  20. Irksome

    Green filament algae is getting me down.

    I have cut my lighting down to 6 hours, I add liquid ferts once a week and I try and remove as much as possible a couple of times a week. Does it ever resolve? I can only get gel capsule root tabs at the moment and they really spike the nitrate levels. I’m contemplating getting rid of my...