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  1. S

    Platy top fin frayed?

    Hey, I've noticed the top fin of one of my platies has changed in the past week or so.It looks frayed/splayed out, almost as if you've taken a few threads from a woven material if you get what I mean! I have attached a pic of anyone could help me understand the change, thanks ☺️
  2. Mollyforever

    Is my molly pregnant?

    I think my female molly is pregnant! She has been pooping a lot recently and really aggressive toward other fish. But all mollies poop a lot so I am confused regarding when she is going to drop the fry. She is fairly young and she looks round when I look at her from the top and i also think her...
  3. D

    Help?! My molly is attacking new fish?

    So I have over a 20 gallon tank which my Molly shared with a DG. I got new fish which have bright stripes on them so I moved my DG into another tank. After I put these guys in my Molly started attacking them! I even watched him bury in sand until one would pass by!! I took my Molly pit...
  4. S

    Golden Gourami help!

    Hi all, new member so thanks for having me. I am hoping you can help with figuring out the gender of the gouramis we have please as we have 3 and one of them is attacking both a female and a male, but I am unsure if the aggressive one is male or female! We thought it was a female but maybe not...
  5. HalfTailedOwner

    PLEASE help!! My tank is at 8.0 ppm...

    Hi, just need to put some information before I start. 10 gallon tank 72 F water Has a filter, and an air stone water is conditioned I originally had a male doubled tailed betta in the tank--and everything was going smoothly. He is still alive after a month after I got him. However, my dad...
  6. V

    Shrimp fighting? meeting? whats happening?

    Hi. so i have had a Bamboo shrimp for a while now and thought to get it a companion. Yesterday i bought an Arnoured shrimp ( the worker told me theyre the same just as different name - alright then). They were fine all night and all day today, hiding in their decor. However while doing a 25%...
  7. T

    So Serpae Tetras...

    Ever since we added two serpae tetras, they have been very happy fish. However, we noticed that the smaller tetra (not THAT much smaller, maybe like a millimeter or two) started hiding a lot and began having trouble swimming. Many people online assumed that it might just be dying, however it’s...
  8. S

    New Tank

    I have recently bought a 225l (50gallon) tank, it is 4ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft and i was just wondering about good predator/aggressive fish recommendations, i have owned various piranha breeds and would like to try something new
  9. Cameronb_01

    Pot Belly Discus Chasing Others Around Tank

    Hi, As the title suggests I have one discus fish in my tank, with a pot belly, (picture attached), who chases his fellow tank-mates around tirelessly, (vid linked). There are 9 of them in the tank which is 450L and I feed 7 Gamma Blisters a day, (a mix of blood-worms, white mosquito larvae...
  10. L

    Beheaded fish in tank

    Hi there, I'm a newbie to the forum, and was wondering if anyone can help me out on this issue. I have had 3 fish in total now over the course of a couple of months, brutally attacked and killed. 2 of my sucker fish had their heads clean ripped off (none of the fish was eaten), and this morning...
  11. Y

    Angry Mates?

    Hello! I have two dalmation mollies, one female and one male. I know they are different genders because the female gave birth to 30 two days ago. But today, I went to feed them, and noticed that they were nipping each other's mouths, almost like kissing or something. But they were doing it...
  12. RickT.Foster

    Electric Blue Acara Questions

    Hey Guys,     Just wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge on the Electric Blue Araca? I bought one about 2 months ago.  First time I've ever seen one.  But before I bought it I read up on them, and as far as aggression goes, all I've read is that they are pretty peaceful for a Cichlid...
  13. N

    Flowerhorn And Pleco

    I have recently purchased a Flowerhorn on line. It is about 2 inches long. I don't know what age he is, but I'm guessing about 2 months. I would like to know if I can put him in a tank with a 9 inch Pleco, which is about 8 months old.
  14. C

    Extremely Territorial German Blue Ram?

    I got four GBRs three days ago, one male and three females. The male is obviously dominant, he claims his space but he's "friendly"about it. Two of the females are fine as well, they just swim around and don't really bother anyone. One of the females is extremely aggressive. She hides in a...
  15. momof6

    Pregnant Guppy Female Is Aggressive

    Ok so I have had these guppies for over a week now.    I have 2 female guppies both pregnant it looks like.    My tank is 10 gallons    I tested the water and all my parameters look normal except the ammonia spiked to 0.25 so I have added some prime and been doing water changes daily.    The...
  16. elipilgrim

    Green Tiger Barb (Aggressive)/?'s

         Hey there everyone, I am fairly new to having a tank and only getting the initial cycling process near the end now.. It was a fish-in cycle, with a couple losses on the way but not many.      I have a 29 gallon tank with 3 plants in it at the moment. Here's a picture:      Inside are 8...
  17. mrstwalker

    Creative Quarantine Tank

    So I needed to quarantine my tiger barb while he was sick, i didnt have an "official" quarantine tank so i got creative..    He has got an air stone, and a reptile lamp heating the water (which is turned off in the video)     
  18. Zeoth

    Super Aggressive Rusties

    Hey guys,   So I have a 55 Gal with the following stock:   Yellow-Tailed Acei x7 Yellow Lab x  7 Demonasi x1 Rusties x7 All fish are juveniles,the largest fish are 3 inches max at best.   The rusties are by far the most aggressive fish in the tank. They chase other fish, who come even remotly...
  19. Zeoth

    Extremely Aggressive Rusties

    Hey guys,   So I have a 55 Gal with the following stock:   Yellow-Tailed Acei x7 Yellow Lab x  7 Demonasi x1 Rusties x7   The rusties are by far the most aggressive fish in the tank. They chase other fish, who come remotly close, dig and by far are extremely aggressive towards their own...
  20. S

    Agressive Male Platy

    I Have a 20 gallon tank that consists of 2 female cherry barbs, 2 male platies and a female platy. One of my male platies has grown quite larger than all of the other fish. He constantly is chasing my other male platy and keeps him from eating, drives him to hide, etc. I'm not sure if this is...