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  1. Aqua67

    Pics of my tanks

  2. Captain holt

    Gentle giant- Oscar

    Anyone else’s Oscar been a gentle giant? I’ve had my fair share of psychotic oscars lol but since buying Rudy around a year ago I’ve noticed that she’s been the most placid and gentle Oscar I’ve ever had. She’s been raised up around some very small fish and whilst intrigued by them, hasn’t ever...
  3. SAChichlidLover

    Has anyone managed to breed heckelii?

    Hey everyone, I really need to ask if any of you have actually pulled off breeding Threadfin acaras (heckelii) and if so please let me in on the secret ? These are one of my if not favourite fish and I really would love to pull off breeding them but from what I have found, there's not enough...
  4. Circus

    Substitute for Pink Convict

    So in my 90 gallon tank (48 long, 18 wide, 21.5 high) I was hoping to get a Pink Convict, but non will be available for awhile. What would be a good substitute? I want a fish that will contrast with my planned build, but doesn't get huge (like an oscar). Right now I have 2 Firemouth Cichlids...
  5. Stefan3289

    Territorial Electric blue acara

    So I have a 75 gallon tank with.... 2 severums 2 blue acaras 2 electric blue acaras 1 synodontis All the fish are juveniles except the catfish who is almost twice there size. So I’ve had this issue for a while where one of the EBAs (he is also the biggest of the acaras but not by much) where...
  6. R

    Am I about to get babies?(Blue Acara breeding behavior)

    Hi everyone, I adopted these two 10 cm (4"), and 8 cm(3") Electric Blue Acaras from a guy online that said: "-They are 1 year and something". I want to know if I really got a male and a female, and if they are about to breed I'd love to have some babies; I got the two that were together...
  7. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Adult (wild caught) beautiful finnage/colouration/behaviour Quantity for sale: 2 (both 5-6") Reason for Sale: Clearing Stock Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 for the pair Postage & Packaging: N/A Photograph: See below I have a group...