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  1. S

    Where to buy wild type gold/Chinese barbs

    Hi guys, For my first ever post I just want to know if anyone has ever had success finding green wild type Chinese barbs. I've been looking for about a week for a 90 gallon mixed community and have not found anything either at LFSs or online. I enquired about special ordering them through my...
  2. Circus

    Pictus Catfish Tank

    Would a 90 gallon 4 foot tank be suitable for a group of pictus catfish? If so, what are some good tankmates to make a peaceful community around them? My ph is at 7.4 and hardness around 110 ppm. The tank is currently housing a trio of orange chromides, and decorated with rocks, driftwood, and...
  3. W

    Green terror and dojo loach

    I saw a thread about this already but the tank I’m going to put the green terror with is a lot bigger then the gentleman that had the same question (to my knowledge I thought I saw he had a 29gal? I could be wrong) I’m putting the gt in a 90 gallon 4.5’ long 18” deep and 24” tall. I’ve recently...
  4. Circus

    90 Gallon Stocking

    So, I am going to completely redo my 90 gallon. As it is right now, I can hardly stand to look at the tank, it gives me so much anxiety. I lost all 3 of my goldfish, although the other fish are doing alright. So, once I rehome and shuffle my current bunch around I will have an empty 90 gallon...
  5. Circus

    Giving Up On Goldfish

    I think I give up on trying to keep goldfish in a community setting. My first (and last) goldfish was just placed into qt, and I am hoping he makes it through the night. If he does I will wait until he is back to full health and donate him to a friend with a pond in their garage. Two of the...
  6. Circus

    Goldfish Alone or Pair?

    Right now I have a 90 gallon unheated tank, sits between 67.9 and 69.8, throughout the day. I only stocked it 3 days ago with a pair of young red cap oranda goldfish, 3 dojo loaches, and a dozen white cloud mountain minnows. One loach bullied (I only noticed the one go after it) and killed one...
  7. Circus

    Shredded? Goldfish Fins

    I was checking all of my tanks when I got up today, and one of the two goldfish I picked up is in sorry condition. His tail is a bit shredded, and the back 1/4 area of his body is a brownish orange, the darkest part around his anus. He is swimming a lot slower today than yesterday, and I saw one...
  8. Circus

    90 Gallon Unheated Tank

    To chronicle the journey of my 90 gallon tank. I got it cheap because the inside was pretty scratched up. The tag on the bottom says the tank was assembled in 1993, so the tank is older than I am.
  9. Circus

    Good Heater for 90 Gallon

    I have been looking at heaters for when I set up my 90 gallon semi aggressive tank. I want one that will be consistent and stable for 79°F. I prefer adjustable heaters and am looking at 300 Watts. Brands I have looked at are Aquatop, Aqueon Pro series, Fluval, and Eheim. Are there any real...
  10. E

    90 gallon stocking?

    i recently set up a 90 gallon aquarium with a fluval 405 and a fluval 206 for filtration. I already have 5 red eye tetras, 2 red minor tetras, a silver flying fox, and two uaru. Is it possible to have 3 angelfish in this setup, or will it be overstocked?
  11. E

    Uaru tankmates

    is there any peaceful smaller fish that could be kept with a pair of Uaru in a 90gallon aquarium?
  12. E

    90 gallon tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  13. E

    Uaru tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  14. E

    What fish should go with my Senegal Bichir?

    I am currently planning to stock a 90 gallon tank. It is currently completely empty, and filtration isn’t a problem, because I am willing to add more if needed. I am planning to put a Senegal bichir, but I don’t know what other fish should go in as well. I am interested in ropefish and Congo...
  15. Halie201

    Ideas for stock?!

    I have a 90g I finally moved from my mom's house & I'm trying to finish stocking and was just looking for suggestions. Current stock: 1 blood parrot cichlid 3 clown loaches (had 5 but two died over the past year under my brothers care) & will be adding 2-3 more. Please don't start your comment...
  16. LeopardPerch

    Corals; Will They Work?

    Hello, I have a reef aquarium and was wondering if these corals would work here is my aquarium https://www.youtube....h?v=HfQZqU5C4tQ and here is my Corals list 1. PULSING Xenia 2. Photosynthetic Gorgonian 3. Watermelon Chalice 4. Neon Green Candy Cane 5. Sebae anemone 6. Blastomussa 7. Acans...