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    Round Pelia (monosolenium Tenerum)

    is the picture the amount I will be getting for £6?
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    Snails - Good Or Bad

    remove the adults (aka the breeders) and squish/remove any and all babies you see. So long as you don't get any adults, it may take a while, but you'll get rid of them eventually. Other than that it's take everything that you can out of the tank, and have a good look. Turkey baste or squish any...
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    My Shrimp Tank

    I'm going to swap out the java on the wood for weeping moss or fissidens when I can get some. I may get another "tree" for the other side, because I wanted something to hide the filter, alhough I need to remember, this is only a mini 12 litre tank, so the footprint is tiny (20 x 25cm floor)...
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    Shrimp Always Die!

    do you have any resin/plastic ornaments in the tank? I bought a "resin" tree planted with something on top. I put it in the tank, and within hours the the shrimp were literally hurling themselves out of the tank. All dead apart from 9 cherries. Disposed of the evil planted tree and did a 100%...
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    My Shrimp Tank

    Hi guys My shrimp finally have a new scape!! Now I'm not so terrified about them dying (a nasty purchase from PatH poisoned my tank and wiped out the majority of my shrimp) I decided to go buy stuff for the tank. In there now is brown/black sand, a piece of mopani root (not presoaked as I'm...
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    Java Moss

    Wow! That pic was deceptive... that's a HUGE amount of moss!! :D Arrived this morning, is now in my tank being manicured by my shrimp :) Thanks ever so much :)
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    Fluval Ebi Nano Tank & Boyu T5 Unit ***sold***

    no can do :( sorry
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    Fluval Ebi Nano Tank & Boyu T5 Unit ***sold***

    I'm ringing around now trying to find a lift to manchester.
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    Please Help

    where are you based? Someone on here from your area may be able to donate some filter media
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    Java Moss

    I'll take it. pm me your paypal :)
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    Star Wars Tank

    omg I could cry this is so awesome! I'm going to do a similar one as a christmas gift for my nephew.. it's going to be a surprise and he's going to DIE when he sees it :D Keep us posted!!
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    Lego City Of Atlantis Tank Rescape

    While I was reading the first few bits I thought "GENIUS!! You've just solved my dilemma of a christmas present for my nephew!" so I was thinking of lego starwars, and there you go linking Faildeadlys (which I'm about to read :D) Thanks for the insiration! I love natural tanks, but I ADORE...
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    7 Hour Move + Tank Upgrade

    I've looked into this myself as I'm planning a move to Holland, and that will be a 12ish hour drive. The way I see it though, is that if online order companies can send fish out next day delivery, then it must be possible. From what I've read, you need to bag up the fish and use an oxygenating...
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    Java Fern + Java Moss + Floating Duckweed

    well 2 seperate threads is ridiculous! How is anyone supposed to keep track?!
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    Newbie - Stocking List

    from personal exerience I wouldn't house dwarf gouramis and guppies together. My male DG was VERY territorial, and I looked into the tank one day to see him actually tear one of my guppies tails from end to base. I thought it was the tetras fin nipping that had ruined the guppies tails, but...