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  • I cannot send you a PM. I guess it's because your inbox is full. In any case, for the pink ramshorns, just send 5 pounds to ghdericks at gmail dot com as a gift and I will ship them out on monday (so they dont get stuck sunday etc). I you would like extra large snails let me know. Cheers, Gerard
    Hey there, Willow. I sure can! the store is called, Fish-Inc. Looking at my Sat Nav now, and it's located in S13 9DF, if that helps
    ps. dont go to the one through blaxton i've had white spot and anchor worm from there!!
    Hi, there are a couple od decent ones, the guys at Brodsworth garden centre know what are talking about and also at hatfield woodhouse - if you go out donny through hatfield they are about 1/2 mile before the M180 on the left, good staff knowledge and good range - usually get stock in on a wednesday they will let you see but not buy new stock as they q-tine it.
    Hope this helps.
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