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    Tropiquarium Timer Unit

    One of my mates used to do a repair / swap service.... If your any good with a soldering iron it's a few push switches and a relay that are the common points of failure... Has it still got its time showing, just fails to start the lights?
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    Canisher Filter On Aside Of Tank?

    Keep the hoses as short as you can to try and avoid air getting trapped... I've moved one of ours and left the hoses at full length, it's currently say next to the tank and I keep getting air building up in the canister.
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    Cheep Big Tanks?

    5x3x2 is approx 850l You'll need to keep an eye on your stock levels if your dropping back down to a 4x2x2 (450l) what have you got in the tank at the moment?
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    4X Pictus Cats

    Livestock: Pimelodus pictus Age and condition: Adults all about 6" Quantity for sale: 4 Reason for Sale: thinning out tank... Delivery or Collection: Collection or possibly delivery depending on location. Sales price: £30 Postage & Packaging: sorry - not available. Location: Newport Pagnell -...
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    Fish Identification Please

    I hate replies like this... Its not a Buenos Aires... BUT I dont know what it is. :huh:
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    Caecilian Worms

    Hi Guys... Martin (Smart) has sold all the young... He's pretty sure they have mated again so its just a waiting game to see how they get on. He has picked up a 5ft tank for them and is planning on having a dedicated setup for breeding them :-)
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    Aqua Medic Pressurised Co2 Kit

    Replied to all PM's and got nothing back... Still for sale. I'll get a photo later of the actually kit - just to be thorough :)
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    Tetratec Ex2400 - For Sale

    there are inline taps on most external filters - you just partially close them ;-) This has sold by the way.
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    Free - Buenos Aires Tetra Shoal.

    All made it home ok. Settling in their own tank at the moment. Will post up a picture when the join the rest of ours
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    I Kids Show I Can't Remember The Name Of

    Go for it :)
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    I Kids Show I Can't Remember The Name Of ??
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    Red Head Tapajo

    How much what?❔❔
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    Free - Buenos Aires Tetra Shoal.

    Excellent. Despite a weekend away and visiting 2 of te beat shops in the UK, I was set to be returning with no fish... At least I won't go home empty handed now :-) Russell
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    Free - Buenos Aires Tetra Shoal.

    I'll be there with the plecoplanet meet - we are aiming to be there for 10:00. I'm coming across from Harrogate with a car full :)
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    Free - Buenos Aires Tetra Shoal.

    I'll have them... To add to a group of 20+ in our 850l Any chance you fancy a trip to pier aquatics on Sunday morning ??