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    Paella and Pastrami

    shush now stop making us hungry
  2. NerithyisaNxkki your thoughts here...

    generally yes. Whatsapp needs a smart phone to use (just get one thats cheap abt 100 dollars) should be fine?
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    Paella and Pastrami

    ; - ; i own two dogs and they are a nighttime but worth it
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    Yup, i do know. Mainly ill use the debit card to purchase stuff from online reliable buyers such as good quality fish and basic needs.
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    Panda Corydoras and a Carpeted Substrate

    The carpet should not be an issue to the cory doras, they will graze and maybe poke the carpet a little. Dwarf hairgrass carpet is too dense for them to uproot so they will stay in the less dense areas. Nothing to worry about. Just make sure the carpet is properly set up.Just my opinion u should...
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    Hi there! Im Nikki and well im a prospecting avid fish lover. I plan to become more experienced and rear difficult fish as a hobby. Right now, legally too young to have a credit card in my country without parental management (sob) and limited access to good quality materials but i hope to get...
  7. NerithyisaNxkki your thoughts here...

    Tbh i feel bad for you all suffering out there due to covid-19. I pray for this to end soon and i really wish i could do something across borders in my safe country quick question: u guys dont use phones? or whatsapp? thats the norm here
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    Paella and Pastrami

    im generally motivated by the thought of food
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    Paella and Pastrami

    *eyes* well this comment was totally everything and nothing related to aquariums. Now im also hungry. Ditto.
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    What should I add in my tank and by how much?

    What are your tank’s water parameters? The type of fishes u should be getting depends on that. Try not to over crowd your tank and dont purchase multiple fishes at one go. I also cannot stress how important it is to quarantine ur new fishes for at least 1 month before introducing them to your...
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    Whats that stuff coming out of my fishes eye ?

    His problems could have been caused by some harmful effects of your tank’s environment. They can also be fore warns to a much bigger issue. Are there any other fishes in the tank? What type of fishes are they? Do other fishes also have this issue? Did you recently introduce anything new into the...
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    How many fish should I add in one sitting

    Also, dont forget to quarantine your fishes for abt one month or 4 weeks before introducing them to your tank (introduce max 3 fishes per week so as to not stress them out too much)
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    Seeking Professional Help to starting a Tank from scratch

    Regarding the type of tap water, mine is moderately soft water. pH ranges from 7 to 9 I plan to follow Sgooosh’s suggestion for soft water which is one betta, 3 neon tetras or possibly replaced by chili rasboras if i can find them. (i worry that they wont survive in the alkalic pH) Amano...
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    Seeking Professional Help to starting a Tank from scratch

    Recently i posted a thread regarding my uncycled tank with fishes inside. Regarding that thread, unfortunately due to very high levels of ammonia, they have all passed away. RIP fishes. Moving on, i hope i can seek professional help to correctly start up my tank and stock it adequately so as to...
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    Please help

    hmm, I dont have any water test kits or allowed to get one ( my mum says im over reacting thus im not allowed) nor do i have access to a way to gravel clean except emptying out the tank.