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    Tiny bugs in tank, living on drift wood

    Making me itchy. Yep.. wood out..and complete teardown. Or maybe just put up with them?
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    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    Ok.. undergravel filters are the future. "Hang on..I was told that by my local pet shop owner 1976. And my five Convicts made short work of it. Argh" dug up the gravel every day to see what that plastic white thing
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    Filter blockage theory.

    Hi .. Over the years I noticed sponge filters suffer from reduced flowage due to the usual. But none were impacted as much as those tanks containing bog wood or driftwood. Thought I'd look into it. Extracting some Tanin ladened scrapings from the four week old sponge .. I found under the...
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    Media inserts

    If you wanna keep an eye on ammonia but are a little busy to get test kit out ..Seachem do a nice little inserted device with a type of visible colour chart on the front..called ammonia alert. I know some who've used them and say they work quite well. They last about one year I'm told.
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    Have you thought about HOB or overhead trickle filters? I've found these types of filters so useful and easy maintenance since I swapped over from canisters. No leaking No crouching Fast cleaning Low noise.
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    Gravel Vac controversy

    It's amazing how controversial this subject has become. I watch with interest. As the Vacs Vs the anti Vacs.. collide. Even back in the 60s this was going on. Personally, I eventually settled for an even keel approach, that being..a little vac is helpful if readings get out of control, testing...
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    Gravel Vac controversy

    Question later, but first.. Everywhere in the hobby it's said over n over.. gravel vac. But the strangest thing is.. when we see on YouTube.. Dan Hitshew, ..Father Fish, and a few others, not gravel vac-ing, and there are the fish, shrimps, snails, all thriving and breeding sucssefully too...
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    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    Looking for ich
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    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    Typo. Meant white . The red light was to lure them out. Does it make sense now lol
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    I’ve killed my colony

    Too bad. Terrible bad luck. Still that bleach can be Horrific stuff. Especially the double strength concentrated stuff. I've been in the hobby since 1976 and believe me, to this very day, still learning. Marine Biology is such a vast world and as soon as we even begin to catch-up it takes off...
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    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    I mean.. white
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    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    Yep I get that and as a rule I don't either excepting when I have a suspicion of possible ick or want to see if the fish are healthy. Having lured out the shyest critters out into the open I can zap the light to red and get a better eyeball.
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    Heater question

    Hi..well...I had to.. I'd place it just in front of the outlet of the filter. A suspicious must better than no heater. But that's just me.
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    How to change Mr. Tomato? To Underwater Adventures? Or am I stuck with it? Ha ha

    How to change Mr. Tomato? To Underwater Adventures? Or am I stuck with it? Ha ha
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    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    After changing over from flourecent. To. LED lighting, I was having a real time of it deciding what colour to select in one of the tanks. The white cloud and other mountain Minnow were proving to be a tad shy that day and I tried firstly to dim the light. No affect. Blue? They came out a little...