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    Im Back!

    Ok, ive been away a long time. Probably about two years.   I had to move house due to work, moved into a flat ,and so had to shut down all of my tanks and rehome pretty much all of my fish. I was lucky enbough to be able to keep my tanks though, stored in a barn at the brother in laws pub.   I'm...
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    Tank Emergency. Immenent Split?

    Ive not got anything spare that i can house them in for the meanwhile, so instead ive utilised a spare external from the upstairs tank (too small to take all of these) to increase the filtration on account of the smaller water volume. The tank is currently at half capacity and is not fully...
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    Tank Emergency. Immenent Split?

    Hi all. I only posted on here last night to say hello as ive been gone a while, seems to have started some sort of curse! Anyway, bit of an emergency. Just cam home from being out all day to find my 4ft tank has had an issue today. Its been sat where it is since i got it, over a year, so its...
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    Pygmy Cories

    They're fairly easy. They seem to take longer to acclimate than other species of Corydoras, but once they're in they're fine. They'll eat pretty much anything that fits in their mouths, which to them are quite big, but in fact are very small. Mine try to eat all sorts they cant fit. I have...
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    Tiger Barb Fights

    Your problem here is most likely aggression. Barbs are a nightmare. They scrap with eachother, and if in small enough numbers, will scrap with everything else in the tank as well. The only real way to stop this happening it to increase the numbers until it stops, which your current tank, you...
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    Immm Baaaack :)

    Well, i've been off a fair few months as its been prime hunting weather and i've been out shooting problem rabbits and working more than i've been in the house. Thought i would drop in and say hi again. Many new people, mods have obviously changed (Congrats FM and others ive missed) Anyway...
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    Is This Overstocking?

    My barbs are a nightmare. Ive had to increase the numbers to spread out the aggression, and now they only fight among themselves. Hard to up the numbers to a decent amount with a small tank, i would recommend a group of 12-15+
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    Female Guppie Has A Hole On The Tale

    Its either being predated by another fish, or its torn it on something. Keep the water parameters perfect, and keep up the regular water changes and he'll likely be fine. Perhaps sit an observe its interaction with your other fish if you're worried something else in the tank has caused it.
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    The Official "hey Lovelies" Thread

    "Im sorry, i cant do a vid 2nite, the Mrs isnt up for it, But tomorrow im going to fillet all 100 and, can i fry them?" Has to have been one of the best threads on here, hands down. Bar this one. #136### dude?
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    Ebay Bargin So Happy :-)

    Arrowana will happily jump out of their own tank..... Not that you could fit one in there ;)
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    Modified Fish...

    If you had read it, you would see they have purportedly been created in a british lab very recently. Not old news from across the pond, a new study, from here..... Im also quite sure that some strains of "Glo Fish" arent legal in the UK, so to produce them for profit here would be a pointless...
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    Fs: Torpedo Barbs, Harlequins, L047, Sev, Etc

    Shout me if the L047 doesn't go. I need that fish in my life. :)
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    Modified Fish...

    And now his name has changed..... according to that article.
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    Modified Fish...

    Just looked a little further into this. Cannot find anything to do with the "esteemed Prof. Charles Taylor" anywhere on the web, nor the photo's, or any reference to this research other than The Suns website. On that basis, £5er now saw its a load if rubbish, and a cool bit of photoshop...
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    Can't Get Water To Clear

    The filter you have (if its the MarineLand Penguin?) is rated UPTO 50Gal, so you're at the top end of its power, and its been proved many times on here that most filters, even the top end brands, in the real world dont perform as they say. The flow rate is measured without media, or crud, and...