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    Algae Bloom!

    It's a 55 gallon.   I have plants and bogwood in the tank as well :) I've left the light off for 2-3 days now
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    Algae Bloom!

    Right, I've had an algae bloom in my tank for a little over a week now.    I added 3 moss balls, 5 GBR's and 8 penguin tetras to the tank around that time (before signs of the bloom), and since then, 4 of the rams have gone.   I've been doing regular changes and have done so anyway with having a...
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    Ram In My 30 Gal Community?

    I can't see much of a problem with it, as long as you make the fish feel at home. Few little obstacles for it to be in and around, bits of wood, plants (real or fake as long as the can be weighted down, plant pot/coconut shell. Just so it doesn't feel too anxious being on its own in a big open...
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    Drinking Aquarium Water... Ooops

    Try doing that with a marine tank like me, then complain! Haha
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    My Neon Blue Goby Won't Eat!

    Good, hopefully he should just eat off that :)
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    Dwarf Puffer Nano Tank - Thoughts

    Yeah they do, being just generally bigger haha. But yeah, I'd like a small DP tank
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    Purple Fish

    Tell me about it, I have a Discus tank haha. I'll own marine eventually, just need to save some serious money up
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    Mixing Fish With Discus

    I wouldn't like to. For 3 reasons. 1. Discus don't really like fast fish, it unsettles them, although if you have 3 loaches in already, you'll have a better idea than me on stress levels. That's why they like Cardinals, they tend to stay together in the water relatively slow/still, making the...
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    Dwarf Puffer Nano Tank - Thoughts

    I'd love to have a small DP tank like the one you're suggesting, not enough money or space though :/. I remember something similar to this before but I honestly can't remember if it was a DP or a Figure 8 being talked about.. I'll be following this post though because I'd like to set this up...
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    Purple Fish

    And of course a Royal Gramma, around £80 for a fish that doesn't tend to grow more than 2-3". Yes, marine too sadly.
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    Purple Fish

    I had a dream a few months back that I went to a tropical fish shop with all these amazing 'marine colour quality' fish, and there was a purple one there. Disappointed when I woke up realising I couldn't actually buy it, hahaha. Purple tang? But that's marine, and even by those price standards...
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    November Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

    5 for me, just has something about it, very peaceful looking. They're all very good though :)
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    Cory Selection Help

    Says the one that came to the conclusion I was killing my fish. Like a previous comment says above, they might not thrive in this environment, but they'll survive. When it comes to people like you who try to belittle others with your sarcastic comments, I really have no time for, or give a...
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    Best Substrate For Corys

    Plecs act like a hoover. So for example, is it easier hoovering the dust off a sheepskin rug, or off laminate flooring? The flatter your substrate is, the easier it is for these guys, haha
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    Thermometer Shattered

    Strange, I didn't know an alcohol substitute could act in the same way as mercury.. I thought they were all mercury! Learn something new everyday.