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    Bloated Stomach!

    Hi forum members. It's been a long time since I've logged onto this forum (3 years I believe). I came home today after being away from home for many months to notice my Giant Gourami's stomach is BLOATED!!! My mom takes care of my gourami while I'm gone in college and she does a pretty good...
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    Raw Vegetables

    my gourami is willing to eat chunks of carrot raw. i give him all times of fruits and veggies. he likes tomato, banana(his fav), orange, apple, pears, mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some countless tropical asian fruits. he also enjoys lettuce, spinach, bean sprout, snow peas, celery, red...
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    Putting Down Your First Fish :(

    i had to take out a dead pleco once. my other fishes ate out the eyes and meat. all was left was the skeleton on the bottom of my tank. i can normally handle some pretty gruesome stuff but i had trouble with this one. i just told my mom to get me a plastic bag and i clamped it out with a...
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    I've Been Having A Hard Time With Aquarium Lights

    first thing: dont ever buy something from petco! second: dont sacrifice quality for cost.
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    Gourami - How Long Do They Live For

    mine can live up to 25 years. thats long enough for my future kid to appreciate him! :nod: i dont know about the small ones though.
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    Uv Steriliser Advice

    im using a JEBO 11W UV for my tank. i recommend UVs for practically every tank. The money is worth.
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    New Huge Tank - Arowana Questions

    i have a jardini and i keep it with parrots. they are still alive and its been 3 years. yes the jar chases them around at times, but with some decorations/obstacles they will be safe. why not get a giant gourami like me? much more civilized fish. since you already have such a big tank...
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    What Names Have You Given Your Fish?

    i use generic names my giant gourami - gourami biggest parrots - big parrot nicest color parrot - nice parrot adopted parrot - mean parrot (he always tries to attack me!) i just find names fitting for them
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    just get a UV sterilizer. not only does it kill algae, it also kills bacteria so your fish never get sick!
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    How Old Are You, And How Long Have You Been Fish Keeping?

    im 17 now and iv had fish since i was about 10. i started with goldfish and iv had my wonderful gourami for over 2 years! he will last at least good 20 years with me.
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    The Two Kinds Of Fish People...

    i happen to fit in the second group and i mainly agree with what you said nice observations
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    Sick Gourami

    get a UV :good:
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    Oily Film

    iv heard of this before. it should be coming from your pumps and stuff since they are lubricated with oil. how about get a pan or bowl and skim off the oil?
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    What's Your Favourite Gourami?

    ya, but they are still fun. mine happens to be very peaceful. he actually knows there a piece of glass in front of him unlike some other ones... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Smelly Aquarium Water

    my tank is pretty clean, but it still smells a lil but you gotta get be right in front of the water to even smell it, and if you do, its tolerable. i say change more water! i do 50% and some say im crazy but nothing has happened to my fishes :nod: