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    Mixed Malawi cichlids

    How do I do that on my phone? Thanks
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    Mixed Malawi cichlids

    I have a 7ft tank full of Malawi cichlids. A lot of them are kenyiis as they like breeding. Loads of other malawi, all good sizes and recently treated for internal parasites (they didn't have parasites, I just wanted to be sure). Need gone asap, viewings welcome, need to go to good homes...
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    Moving My 100 Gal Discus Tank Across The Room

    All going to plan... Except it turned out very heavy wi substrate so were taking that out too now
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    Moving My 100 Gal Discus Tank Across The Room

    Good point, thanks I'll do that
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    Nitrate Too High..... =/

    What fish are you keeping?
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    Moving My 100 Gal Discus Tank Across The Room

    Done :-) its got acros in at the moment and were building a couple of stud walls to support the joists beneath it. 7fter is going on a concrete plinth in the floor.
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    Arcadia Arc 20L

    If you have access to RO water, top up with that otherwise everything will build up even with water changes.
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    I got hooked just with goldfish! Then I went tropical.... Then I went tropical but big.... I had eight tanks at one point. Then I had the kids and just kept two tanks (100 gal and 50 gal).... Then I got a nano shrimp tank.... Then I went marine which got bigger and bigger and now I've got a...
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    Discus Food

    I feed beef heart, discus mix (some sort of greens, shrimp, beef heart, bloodworm...), earthworms, and prima. Only two of my discus will eat the prima, but I keep feeding it anyway to try and get the others eating it.
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    Moving My 100 Gal Discus Tank Across The Room

    Hey all! Quick question.... I'm moving my 100 gal discus tank across the room to make way for my new seven foot reef tank. Does this sound good? Take out half the water and keep it. Fill up paddling pool with more of the tank water. Take out all fish and put in the paddling pool with a...
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    My Discus Is Sick

    One of my discus (I have eight in my 100 gal) has gone darker and has a little bit of cloud in his eye. I've never had discus before so I don't know what to do, I got three about 2 months ago, and I got five more this weekend. All the other discus are fine, and all of them are feeding well. I...
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    Kribensis Fry

    The white spot treatment (at half dose combined with an increased temperature of 30 degrees C) has been effective and it turns out, also safe to use with fry. I still have 5 fry left, who are getting bigger!
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    Kribensis Fry

    They're not gone! The were just hiding. But there are only five or so left
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    Kribensis Fry

    All the fry have gone :-( presumed eaten. Parents don't seem to care...
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    My Tanks...some Of Them Be Round!

    how are the baby goldfish doing?