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    5 gallon fry tank?

    o i c thanks for the help FiSHY925 & fufanu360
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    5 gallon fry tank?

    thanks i have two corys already but i just have to ask y no gravel?
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    5 gallon fry tank?

    Is a 5 gallon tank big enough to hold swordtail fry? :/ i was just wondering cause i was thinking about breeding my swordtails
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    Breeding net or 5 gallon?

    well yea but so does the community tank and thats way more work then cycling a 5 gallon :/
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    Breeding net or 5 gallon?

    A couple of days ago i was at the LFS and bought a breeding net for my swordtail. Shes been in there for two days and has not giving birth. I was thinking about buying a two 5 gallons any way to seperate the males and females in the fry so they dont breed like rabbits. Would a 5 gallon be...
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    Cross Breed Gollies!

    It is possiable for mollies to crossbreed. Ive seen it done with Mollies and swordtails. My friend used two female mollies and one Male Swordtail. The Mollies were dark black and the swordtail was bright orange and the fry were a mixture of both. :thumbs: Guppies and Mollies idk ive never...
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    Cory Cats

    Ive had to small cory cats and was wondering is there a way to tell the gender apart because they usually hang out by each other. Thanks for the help!
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    Fish Rape?????

    The same thing happened to my swordtail although i wouldnt call it "rape". lol My male mollie (who died a week ago) would chase my female swordtail. Because Guppies and Platys are both livebearers its possible for them to cross breed.
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    Breeding net

    Thanks for the replies. I did think about her getting stressed sunflower but since this is my first fish breeding i dont know what she will look like when shes about to give birth. I also heard that swordtails give birth early in the morning (im wake up early) so i dont want to miss it and...
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    need information on guppies

    Guppies are livebearers which means they do not lay eggs instead they give live birth like humans. When the female is pregnate look for a dark black spot under her (this is called a gravid spot). She will also get fat. Guppies tend to be small and the males are usually more colorful. Also...
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    Breeding net

    A few day ago i bought a breeding net for my swordtail but i wanted to know when i should put her in it. Also is it strange for her to be towards the bottom if shes pregnate?
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    please not more babies

    Well it is possiable that she is just having excelerated growth lots of fish have them. But if its been three weeks i would keep my eye on her. Do you have a breeding net to keep the fry safe or a seperate tank? She may have givin birth at night or something when u wernt watching and the fry...
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    Preg swordtail

    I have a female swordtail that tends to swim towards the bottom except when i feed. Im almost positives shes pregnate and that i will have fry soon but is it typical for any livebearer to stay towards the bottom during pregnancy? If this is commen is this a way of telling when shes going to...
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    Molly eaten?

    It did most likley get eatin as snowyangel said by one of your scavengers. This has happened to me before except a whole entire neon tetra was eaten. I still dont no y or how it died but i have two cory cats and a knight goby so it was probably immediatly eaten.
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    female swordtail

    thanks thats wat i was thinking but yea she is bigger then regular female so it could be anyday which is y i bought her a net breeder but how long should i wait to put her in it?