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    X Factor - Who Do You Think Deserves To Win?

    If looks counted for nothing then musicians wouldn't need promo photos and head shots done as part of a press pack. It might suck, but what you look like is part of the package that the label sells. I don't watch it because I don't agree with the concept. Take people who couldn't be...
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    Unless you have a fewmonths to kill you'll never get through all the tourist things. I think the best thing you could do is go for a walk talk to people (those who speak English at least). Learn about the place and the culture, and come back a more learned man.
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    Human Beat Boxer

    I haven't clicked through yet, but are we talking Rahzel cool?
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    Now imagine Rhod Gilbert saying it.
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    Excuse Me... What Time Is It?

    Clocks went back, not forward. It's about daylight savings. Basically making a small adjustment to have more of the day in daylight, and less in the dark. Thereby using less energy with lights (ESP on cars). I believe it was originally for the farmers, but I think it makes sense anyway.
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    The more the merrier! My self portraits tend to be a last minute rush because I can't think of anything else.
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    Your Favorite 70S 80S Punk/pop Bands

    I meant Desmond dekker and the Israelites if you didn't get it.
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    Your Favorite 70S 80S Punk/pop Bands

    Thumbs up to the dead kennedys. I was born in 85 so it's a wonder I got into it all. How bout dem israelites?
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    Lovely shot. I'm on day 126 at the mo. Been hard work at times .
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    Cant Sign In On Phone!

    With which theme? You can use pretty much any theme on most mobiles now.
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    Interesting Ambition Ideas?

    If you make it something you'd love to do then you will write or speak with more passion. Making the whole thing more compelling.
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    Who's On Flickr?

    right, for those without sigs showing, mine would be:
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    Who's On Flickr?

    Let's see links to your photostreams! I'll be back to post mine, but just be warned, I'll probably add you as a contact... Thinking about it, the image in my sig will take you to my stream...
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    Personally, I thought most of it was a waste of time. Of course a couple bits were good. But wasn't it all from the one person? I think it's too much for one person to do. Unless they're being paid. Getting a group of people together is a great idea. I can't remember what is in the...
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    Well since you can use iPhone apps, you should be able to use the photobucket app. But first you'd need to get the photos onto the iPad... I don't have an iPad, but surely with it not having a camera, it's already gone a bit wrong (not to mention no USB or file system to speak of)...