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    Little Filter In With Big Filter

    if your tank is already established, the new filter may never "grow". your tank will only culture enough bacteria to balance the system. so unless you are adding more fish or a steady source of ammonia, your tank will not likely grow any additional bacteria. if all your bacteria is housed in...
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    Can Piranhas Live With Anyother Fish

    of course you dont. neither do any of the other hypocrites who cry about live feeders being "cruel". what about the cows/pigs/goats/tuna/chickens/etc/etc/etc/etc/etc that we slaughter by the thousands for us to eat???? everyone is fine with killing thousands of tuna to make a sandwich, but as...
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    Is The Fx5 Worth The Money...?

    indeed. 3/4" pvc will slide directly into the stock ribbed hose of the fx5. from there all you need is an elbow and an end cap, and you can make yourself a nice spraybar.
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    Whhich Media Are You Using?

    unless you removed 1/4-1/ of the media, i wouldnt worry about a mini cycle. you should still have more than enough bacteria in there to accommodate your tank. glad you got it cleared up
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    Interesting Information Re Filters

    you can build them open topped or closed. or you can build it to fit inside your stand so its away from little fingers. one of the best things about a sump is that its completely customizable. you can adjust just about every aspect to fit your specific needs. no specific sized tank "needs" a...
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    Over Stocked Tank?

    basically you will need added filtration (meaning turnover, circulation, and bio-media) and a religious WC schedule. depending on how "overstocked" the tank is you may need to do them more than once a week. i would suggest no less than 25-30% weekly.
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    Interesting Information Re Filters

    theyre actually not as scary as they seem. once you understand what all is going on in there, its actually pretty simple. not to mention, a DIY sump is by far the most efficient and cost effective filter you can have.
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    Interesting Information Re Filters

    even eheim has its cheaper models. the eheim classics are reasonably priced, and are great filters. there isnt a lot to them. no bells and whistles. just a plain ol workhorse filter, but with eheims reliability and great build quality.
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    Is The Fx5 Worth The Money...?

    Personally, I prefer to hardline my FX5's using pvc. And making a reduced ID spraybar to help circulate water.
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    Dirty Glass Pics

    :blush: lol. JK. for these pics i used one of my canon 20D's
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    Is A 1 Gallon Okay? (I Can't Do Any Better!)

    indeed. scarlet badis are a common choice for such small tanks, and as they have a relatively low bio-load, there isnt much to worry about. same could be said with shrimp
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    Is A 1 Gallon Okay? (I Can't Do Any Better!)

    with a little ingenuity, anything is possible. is it practical to keep a betta in a 1g tank. probably not. but it depends on the school of thought you subscribe to. is it possible... absolutely
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    Predatory Fish For A 55 Gallon Tank

    my sentiments exactly
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    cost can vary A LOT, depending on how you want it set up. a simple DIY wet/dry sump can run you as low as $30 + the cost of your return pump.(some of which can be very inexpensive. while something more "fancy" will cost you much more. there are many factors when determining cost. most of...