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    The Art Of Snow

    This is spectacular. I love the AT-AT. I wish we could get snow like that where I live.
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    55 Gallon Cichlid Tank

    I have also had success with peacocks and labs.  Its more about the tempera mentality of the fish.  It can be better to crowd the aquarium because this makes it much more difficult for them to set up individual territories and it also helps if one is getting picked on because he or she can...
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    New Member Here

    Welcome! Now I've never kept crabs but I know crayfish need calcium in their diet so they can keep growing new exoskeletons I would expect the crabs to be the same. Hope all goes well sounds like they are happy.
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    Parachromis Motaguensis F1 'red Tiger' Pair With Fry

    Thanks Dave! Those are beautiful fish a real treat to see these pics
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    Convicts In Quarantine

    Congrats! Are you going to raise the fry?
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    Planning A Native Tank

    Crayfish! They are native to the US not sure on Virginia but it seems like it would be. The fish you are looking at can get sizeable so would have to go with the 55g. This is based off research on their wild counter parts so they probably wont get as big but would be a good guess to see the...
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    The Best Way To Catch Fish.

    I also find that slow hearding motions to a desired location, then a burst of speed to catch the fish has worked well for me.  I find the slow motion helps because the fish will keep its distance but not freak out and swim away crazy fast. Then once its in a manageable area go for the win with...
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    Please Help With Aggression Issues In 50G

    More breaks to line of sight will help. Adding in lots of caves and places to hide helps the fish by giving them plenty of places to retreat to.  Depending on how recently you put them in, they may just be sorting themselves out.  Cichlids are notoriously aggressive as I'm sure you know. So any...
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    3 Questions: Fish Suggestions, Tiger Barbs, Storing An Old Tank…

    I keep neons and platys with my tiger barbs no problems.  The only thing that tends to cause problems is how fast the tiger barbs eat but my guys have adapted and come out and get food before the tiger barbs eat it all.  I would bump the number of barbs up to 8 or 10 this seems to make them a...
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    30 Gallon Start-Up Questions

    If you still have that 10g and its un used you can turn that into a sub refugium. Can probably turn that into your own canister filter if you put several flow area and fill them with the mechanical and biological filters.  Would need to buy some piping and a pump but would probably end up being...
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    What Species Of Ram Is This?

    German blues usually have a longer body this could be a hybrid version I have one and the LFS sold it to me as a bubble ram
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    Pregnant Forever?

    I believe they can hold onto sperm from the males for up to 6 months and use that to keep getting themselves pregnant.  Its odd that it would happen so quickly after giving birth. Perhaps she may have held onto some fry just haven't heard of that happening before 
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    Peat Moss As Filter Media

    thank you for your input.  I mostly like the fact that I can make my own filter for about a dollar
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    Peat Moss As Filter Media

    I have this idea that I can switch out the carbon on my HOB filter for peat moss.  I have these sheets of filter sponge that I was going to use as a casing for the peat moss and sew it up so it doesn't go anywhere.  I've read that peat moss will help reduce the pH in my water and since my tap is...
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    My 60G Cichlid Tank Planted....whaaa?!

    Yeah the plan is to get more but I need to up the filtration before I do that.  Wont have the time to build my sump till late spring so will get more fish then.  For now the aggression is minimal and chases don't last for more than a few seconds.  Keeping a close eye on them though.