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    Canister filter setup questions.

    So I have been running my first 75g tank for 6+ months now. I ended up getting the much larger aquael 2000. I had an issue with the stock intake filter eating a couple neon tetras. I quickly picked up a eheim pre-filter which solved that problem. I have noticed in my past few cleanings that my...
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    Inline heater for Canister Filters

    I also noticed a shortage of inline options. My problem was more unique though since I have an ultramaxx 2000 which has like 3/4 thick tubing. So I only found one in line that came with the right hardware for it and that was a Datoo 300w heater. For me it has been rock solid. Digital controls...
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    Ammonia level won’t go down. Please help

    Your tank seems borderline overstocked. to me. 6 tetra x 2.5" each = 15" 4 danios x 3" = 12" 4 barbs x 3" = 12" That ia 39" of fish in a 36 gallon tank. So even when your biofilter is fully established you will still need to be doing extra water changes.
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    I think my cycle broke....

    No plants. At least not real ones lol
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    I think my cycle broke....

    Not to hijack, but didn't want to make a new thread on something very much related. How fast should Nitrate actually climb in an established tank? I used Seachem matrix which claims it can convert nitrates to nitrogen (blah blah). Now I have noticed that my nitrate level never really rises. It...
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    About to introduce fish.... but not sure about readings

    I've had a simular experience though I did fish in cycling. My nitrite didn't really show up until after nitrates did then quickly went back to 0... then I had an issue where I was getting little to no Nitrate readings.... well for me it has turned out to be Brown algae (diatoms) eating up all...
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    My cycling fun

    After cleaning several times and seeing them come back I decided to grab 3 nerite snails to add to the cleanup crew. These guys actually move all over the tank at a pretty decent pace leaving clean gravel and decoration in their wake lol. The only downside is they gross the wife out, but the...
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    How to cool down my fresh water tank in hot days?

    As has been mentioned fans don't actually cool your room or the temperature of the water (except in an example I will get to later). So your water temp will be unable to drop below your rooms ambient temperature. Now there are ways to drop the temp of something and that is the process we use...
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    Are Canister Filters Worth the Cost if Your Prime Goal is Quiet

    Depending on how you tank setup a fluval 407 might not have enough oomph. I was eyeing one for my 75g tank to replace an undersized eheim that I inherited with it. The problem was that they suggest you turn your tank water over 3+ times an hour and the flowrate of the fluval just wasn't high...
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    Glofish Yes / No

    I have 7 glowfish tetras and a gloshark. Had My take setup for a little over 40 days and they were used for fish in Cycling and haven't even been bothered by the process. Though I did make sure to keep all levels low.
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    My cycling fun

    When people say they go away on their own do you mean even the brown layer goes away or that it just doesn't continue to spread and just needs a final clean/vacuum? For me the UV light has worked wonders my water is crystal clear.
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    My cycling fun

    Well I am on day 40 or 41 (don't have my sheet to check lol) I think my tank is cycled or extremely close haven't seem ammonia or nitrite in days. Though I have no been battling brown algae even after running 10-12 hrs of light. This last one was the second so I soaked all accessories for 15+...
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    My cycling fun

    Is it even possible to keep them at 0 or close to it when doing a fish in cycle? Will it disrupt the cycle from being able to complete?
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    My cycling fun

    well a quick update. Today makes #32. My readings today are .4 ppm ammonia, .25 nitrite, and 7.5ppm nitrate. today was the first day i was able to see an actual nitrite value. So going to just dose prime daily with small water changes 20-25% every other day to every day as needed to keep levels...
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    My cycling fun

    I don't "need" it you are correct, but after no nitrite movement in almost a month I was trying to jump start the process. I am not really using 2 conditioners. I treat my tap water with the api water conditioner to remove chlorine. I used the prime for a few days to de-toxify the ammonia so I...