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Worst time for a pump / filter failure

Discussion in 'Tropical Chit Chat' started by seangee, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. seangee

    seangee Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Just sat down to dinner today when someone said "What's that noise?". Turns out it was the impeller in my fluval 406. Been a couple of months since I removed the redundant canister. Debated whether to attach an air pump to my sponge pre-filter or just put in the spare canister. Opted for the spare and transfered some of the media from the 406. Only a handful though as the 406 is 15 years old so this seemed a good excuse to get rid of the old media. (In fairness its 15 years old but a bit like Trigger's broom - I actually think it started life as a 405 :rofl:). Not overly worried about BB as I kept the pre-filter and the tank is quite heavily planted. No ammonia so far, judging by the temp in the tank its been off for at least 12 hours. Will keep testing for ammonia and nitrates for the next few days.

    Then I remembered why I kept the 406 running rather than the almost new Aqua One. I have an external heater with a 16/22 input. My last spare heater went into the Flex at the beginning of the year and has never been replaced. Shops are closed tomorrow and I can't share the heater between tanks because the flex is in an unheated room. Spare heater now ordered and hose reducer for delivery on Thursday morning. Its in a living room so the temp shouldn't drop much lower than 20C Fingers crossed.
  2. NickAu

    NickAu Member
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    Jan 14, 2015
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    If you have an air pump you can put the media in a fine mesh bag and put it in the tank with the air line under the bag.

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