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Apr 20, 2006
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Hey all will a clownfish host a tube anenome?
Thanks in advance

Theres a possiblity that it can, it really just depends on its own personality and wether it wants to give a shi* about it being there. :good:
Haha thanx so much. I might get one and see if he wants to host it. I just wanted a tube anenome because i dont have alot of light in my tank and there non photosynthetic.
Does anybody have any experience with them?
I don't have any experience, but I do know that Tube Anemones have much stronger stingers than many other anemones. The fact that they do not need light goes to show just how predatory they really are; a Clownfish will probably be consumed just like any other fish that wanders into it. :crazy:

I dont but a few people in my local club have tub nems and love them. Lynden is right, their sting is exceptionally strong, but fish tend to not get caught in their stingers from what I've read. Especially if the tube nem is placed in the sand where fish tend to not go. Clownfish however do not seem to host tube nems.

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