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Which African Moon Tetra would be better in a group of assorted African Tetras???

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
@GaryE ...I was looking at adding a few to the tank that has several African tetras... when I noticed the supplier has 2 different species both listed as "moon tetras" aside from just the looks, what are the differences in the species???

Bathyaethiops caudomaculatus​



Bathyaethiops breuseghemi​

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Neither one comes up on "seriously fish"... I'm kind of slowly building an African tank... & thinking about my next purchase...
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for me it can be hard to tell what you are looking at when coloration can change so much between immature, or breeding colors... this is a picture of the 1st one, probably as I would receive it... if the 2nd one is not in breeding colors, they might look similar... however this one appears to have larger scales
The difference is looks. I have only kept breushowdodoyouspellit, but have been told by experienced fishkeepers they are similar in their needs. This is my second time with them, and I have an expensive observation. The first time I had them, I was only able to get 4, and they were okay, long lived tetras. This time, I got 11 and put them in a 75.

They are the truest shoalers I have ever kept. They stay together even when safe. Their only tankmates are a peaceful pair of Chromidotilapia nana, and the tetra shoal moves together. There's one that peels off to explore for food sometimes, but when food is found, the whole group is called in. When I had 4, they scattered like SA tetras.

I would love to get 10 or more Alestopetersius brichardi, or even caudalis, just to see if the behaviour would be similar. Both of those are beautiful fish I've never had in a large group.

I'm pretty sure I have one female caudomaculatus in my breuseghemi group, because of the large scales. She fits right in. The breuseghemi keep their colours at all times.
Never have tried “Seriously Fish” . If they aren’t in my Innes Book or in TFH - “I know nothing” ( in my best John Banner voice).

I used to 'class' fish by the Baensch Atlas series. Book one had the Innes and Axelrod species, book two had hard to find stuff, some of which has since become standard, and book 3 had rarer species. TFH magazine covered a lot of the new finds - the monthly column I wrote til 2006 was about small fish. It was called Through a Small Window, and had a lot of Baensch "three" fish in it. I never liked Axelrod's books though. He was a dull writer who sounded absolutely certain, and like all of us, he was often proven wrong as people learned and explored more. Innes was a wonderful writer.
@GaryE Coincidentally I have a four Alestopetersius brichardi Red / Blue, arriving today ( fingers crossed, that they are OK, it was the last 4 they had ) I'll post pictures when they are in the tank...

I don't do well with scientific names... your comment "breushowdodoyouspellit" went right over my head, until I looked at it the 2nd time...

breuseghemi ends in "hemi" as a Dodge truck driver... I'd probably just call those "Hemi's"

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Hemis are one group of the old Jewel cichlids.That would create confusion.

But with that fish in the US hobby, no one will have any ideas what they are.

1st on my list, for the next order is...​

Phenacogrammus aurantiacus​


after those... I'll add a small group of one of the Moon Tetras, which ever I decide on, on the same order...
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One of the red/blue’s was doa… so 3 look pretty good… not a lot of color out of the bag pictures a little later
The red/ blue’s settling in… no issues with the current tenants ( Congo Tetras )
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What is a 'red blue'/ That's the colours of a lot of fish out of the Congo.

If you get/got auriantacus, you will need soft, tannin stained water kept impeccably clean. They are more beautiful than the photos we see online, but more delicate than your average delicate tetra. I never got mine to live more than a year.
they are the Alestopetersius brichardi Red / Blue, that I listed above, as on their way... I'm disappointed the biggest one in the bag was DOA... I would have bought more than 4 of those, but I got the last they had... which is always a risk of buying on line, I doubt, that they save the best for last :oops:

the water is very good in that tank, since switching over to the RO filtered water, lots of Java Fern, & floating plants ( Giant Duckweed,

Spirodela polyrhiza )​

a few pieces of drift wood, a few Almond leaves & lots of filtration... highly oxygenated water, I had a skimmer in there that I just pulled out, as a new Tidal 75 going in, already has a skimmer... appreciate the info on the fish though... I have seen some pictures, assume breeding colors, where there is a lot of neon blue, as well as gold on the fish
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Ah, those. Velcro your socks to your pants, because otherwise, they'll knock your socks off. In about 3 weeks after arrival, the males are pretty.
that's them in the last picture I posted above... not colored up yet, after coming out of the bag... a little red in the fins... I'm sure they'll eat, but I haven't been able to entice them yet... I got the "freeze dried brine shrimp happy dance" this morning, from everyone else... but I don't think those guys ate anything yet... tried my regular Ultra Fresh micro pellets, that is my regular feed for that tank, shortly after I put them in yesterday, & nothing either... so everyone is going to get a little variety, while I'm trying to get them eating ( un fortunately I don't have any live foods going yet )

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