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Which African Moon Tetra would be better in a group of assorted African Tetras???

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@GaryE said "A big problem for the business side is that African tetras take more time to develop. It's worth the wait for us, but for them, they take too much space for too long."

IMO, this is why they always show pictures of breeding males ( on most fish ) ... at least some of the better sellers also include a picture of how they look now... but that mature picture is to get our money ASAP
I would rather get the undeveloped ones though. If you keep them right, they develop nicely and you have them longer, if you aren't someone who can breed them. You don't see African tetras often, and they aren't cheap.
If I could have a tank with Alestopeterius caudalis and brichardi, and Phenaco interruptus all in large numbers, with moon tetras too, wow.
I've done okay breeding small SA tetras, but Africans take more space to set up and I don't have those tanks free.
@GaryE ... have any of your Moon Tetras ever developed this much color??? I was doing a deep dive on

Bathyaethiops caudomaculatus,​

& didn't find much on interesting pictures... nothing as colorful as the sellers pictures, which I have to assume are breeding colors...

then I found this picture of a breuseghemi, ( not from the seller I'm using ) assuming, also in breeding colors, & I am rethinking... my African Tetra order goes out tomorrow... it's so hard to choose when ordering on line, & only going by the supplied pictures... I know those are breeding colors, & in perfect conditions, & neither fish would likely look like that in my tank... but I have near perfect conditions right now, so I might want to try for the best???

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