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Where To Get Co2 Refilled?


Aug 6, 2012
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Hi guys, I was a bit spoilt where I used to live because the CO2 was refilled for £3.
It was an actual "filling station", not the petrol kind, but the depot where they refill fire extinguishers and various other types of gas.

Now I live in Hampshire, I can't find anything like this. When threads appear on here about extinguisher filling, I assume you are going to a middle man who themselves go to get their big tanks filled at the filling station.

Well, if I have to do so in an emergency as I appear to have run out, so be it. The web site CO2 Art has a map which states there is a filling station near Horsham, but that's still quite a way from here.

As a side point, I contacted BOC and they are simply not interested.