What's your Favourite Tetra?

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I think it depends what do you want to see from the fish.

1)In terms of colours, Cardinal and Neon Tetras have the most striking colours.

2)If you want the best tight schooling fish, Rummynose Tetras is the best.

3)If you want more hardy fish with nice fins, Red Phantom with yellow fins, Rosy Tetras with white tip fins are the best.
Even Bleeding Heart Tetras are nice.

4)In term of the most reddish colour, probably Red Phantom and Serpae Tetras. They have beautiful red.

5)Lastly, Colombian Tetras are quite nice with beautiful red fins and they have similar body shape as Piranhas.
Anyway, Tetras come from the same family(Characins) as Piranhas.

By the way, for the best effect of Tetras, get the biggest group that you can.

Here is a video with beautiful schooling fish.
I don't think there are many fish that look better than Cardinals when in a large group.

Rummynose tetras are also nice
Lots to choose from but splashing tetras (Copiena & Copella sp) are interesting due to the way they breed. They lay their eggs on plant leaves hanging above the water. The male swims below and splashes water onto the eggs to kepe them moist. When the eggs hatch, the babies drop into the water and swim away.

Swordtail characin (Corynopoma riisei) due to the fin filaments and way they breed.

Black phantom & red phantom tetras due to their colour, peaceful nature, and nice fins.

Emperor tetras for their colour and general hardiness (at least they used to be tough, not sure these days).

Congo tetras for their size, colour and movement.

African longfin tetras for their markings, size and peaceful nature.
Emperor tetras for their colour and general hardiness (at least they used to be tough, not sure these days).
I had 12 of them shipped to me overnight a few months ago. They came in smaller than expected but are growing great. I have never had them before but they seem a sturdy little fish. These guys are very gregarious and vigorous. After being acclimated they settled right in and ate well that night even after being jostled about on a delivery truck. They haven't stopped being little pigs, they are veracious.:lol:

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